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Vosges Amalfi Bar

My readers, we’ve made it! The last in my long stint of Vosges chocolate bar reviews! This bar I saved for last because it’s easily my favorite bar by Vosges. So allow me to present you the Amalfi bar which is made up of lemon zest, pink peppercorns and 36% cocoa butter white chocolate. When I first saw this bar I was a little nervous about the addition of the peppercorns. Lemon and white chocolate? Sure, that pairing seemed very natural to me, but the peppercorns struck me as odd. Still, I was extremely excited about finding a white chocolate bar so I bought it to take home and devour.

Opening the wrapper, the bar smells like a lemon cupcake: a fresh lemon scent with a creamy note. The chocolate is a lovely, light yellow color with flecks of pink from the peppercorns. It’s really pretty.

The flavor is immediately creamy and lemony, as it tastes just like a lemon cake with vanilla frosting. You don’t really taste the peppercorns much at all, and once in awhile I get one and it gives a light herbal note to the chocolate that’s a nice hint of flavor. It’s not peppery or overly spicy like one would expect from a peppercorn. These a much milder and have a floral flavor to them with only a hint of pepper. Amazingly all these flavors work extremely well together and make an unusual, but delicious bar.

I am smitten with this bar! The peppercorns are misleading but it’s terribly yummy. You must give this a try if you’re a white chocolate fan.

Rating: Hoard



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Vosges Blood Orange Caramel Bar

Just when you thought all the Vosges reviews were done right? Nope! I’ve been saving the best for last. Vosges has come out with so many bars over the year it’s really hard to keep track of them. But, I am able to recognize the new kid on the block, and this is how I found the Blood Orange Caramel bar. The pretty photography and packaging design stood out to me right away, and I was immediately excited to try it.

The bar is described with having hibiscus flowers, blood orange caramel, Campari, and 70% dark chocolate. An interesting and pleasing combination of flavors. The chocolate is a nice rich brown color with a glossy sheen. It snaps easily, as the bar is pretty thin for most “filled” chocolate bars. The caramel is flowing and smooth, and not very thick.

The orange flavor is immediately preset in the caramel. It’s got wonderfully juicy fresh citrus notes that aren’t too bitter. Then the floral flavors of the hibiscus come through with a hint of butter and salt underneath, which blends in with the blood orange flavors and it makes this taste extreme exotic and luxurious. The chocolate holds it together with its subtle sweetness and intense chocolatey flavors. The 70% mixes with it perfectly as it lets the caramel carry all the bar’s sweetness.

This bar is amazing. It’s different enough with the exotic flavor of the orange and hibiscus to make it taste like something new, but it’s delivered in a format we all know and love. If you’re ok with having to pay a little extra for Vosges chocolate bars, this is a great one to try. 

Rating: Hoard



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Vosges Habana Bar

How can you tell I’m still going crazy with the Vosges bars? It’s amazing how many new things a chocolatier can make when you ignore them for a few months. So many chocolate bars to catch up on! This Habana bar is made up of Ecuadorian Plantain Chips, enveloped in 45% deep milk chocolate. The packaging of this bar is much plainer than the other bars I’ve had recently. It opted for a deep purple color and yellow accents over the clinical macro photography of ingredients that the other bars had.

Upon opening this chocolate, this bar is thicker than other Vosges bars I’ve had before, as it looks like double the thickness to me. It’s a nice middle brown color, and it’s very creamy looking. The chocolate smells sweet and starchy. No hints of cocoa at all.

Taking the first bite, immediately the texture is very strange. The plantain chips have been crushed up and mixed into the chocolate so the texture is extremely gritty. The chocolate is very smooth so it’s kinda a shame that the chips were incorporated that way. The chocolate comes across as very sandy because of it.

The flavor? Well, it’s strange. It starts off sweet, then you get this sweet, perfumey flavor from the plantain chips. Then you taste the salt from the dried chips, and it just overwhelms the rest of the flavors until the finish. It’s very strange and unexpected.

Really not a fan of this one. The texture kills it for me.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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Vosges Cherry Rooibus Bar

I was immediately excited about this Vosges bar to see that it incorporated both a familiar ingredient and something exotic. The dried cherries are a very familiar taste, which Rooibus, an tea from an African bush, is something that is more elusive to the American flavor palette. Rooibus is a pleasantly grassy tea, hat has richer, more caramel flavors to it compared to more popular teas like sencha (green tea) or earl gray.

The chocolate has a nice sheen and is a pleasant, rich brown color. It smells purely of fruity chocolate, with no hint of tea or cherries.

The flavor is mainly of the bright, tart, fruity cherries and the wonderfully rich, complex milk chocolate. I have a hard time tasting and feeling the texture of the rooibus. The cherries and the milk chocolate are such dominant flavors that I feel the tea gets lost. The milk chocolate has wonderful cream and caramel notes, and along with the cherries it makes for a extremely rich experience. The cherries are incredibly fresh and tasty with intense mixing sweet and tart flavors. It’s awesome, just don’t expect much in the rooibus department.

I feel this bar is partly a success only because you can’t really taste one of the main ingredients. Still, even with the chocolate and the cherries it’s a delicious gourmet chocolate bar. It might be a good chocolate to introduce to those who aren’t as inclined to try new things, since the rooibus is such a hidden flavor.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Vosges Bapchi's Caramel Toffee Bar

Today we have yet another Vosges bar (starting to see a trend here?) that I’ve recently encountered. This flavor pairing sounded more tame than their other offerings, that use curry, teas, mushrooms and seeds for flavor. Everyone knows and understands toffee for a flavor in candy, so I’d like to think that this is more of a gourmet candy bar, as opposed to a gourmet adventure, which the stranger flavors tend to be.

This bar is a dark milk, at 45% cacao, and it’s mixed with sweet butter toffee with walnuts/pecans. The bar is a nice milk chocolatey brown colors (lighter than most) and you can see the bits of the toffee and nuts int here. The bar smells creamy and a hint of butter.

The flavor on this one is incredible. Your first taste is the very smooth creamy milk chocolate, then a burnt of buttery toffee comes in. In the middle there’s a rise of saltiness from the nuts and toffee which really gets mixes well with the sweetness of the chocolate. Then the flavor gradually melts away leaving behind a buttery, smoother flavor that lingers on the tongue. The toffee and nut bits are small and crunchy, so none of them get stuck in your teeth.

This is a really great gourmet bar for anyone who is too squeamish to try any of the other more unusual flavors that Vosges offers. Sometimes the simplest flavors are the best.

Rating: Hoard



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