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United Kingdom


Fruitella Package

I was so excited that I was given these as one of my UK candy finds. With my love for the US’s Starburst and Japan’s HiChew, I can safely assume that the UK equivalent would be something right up my alley. Fruitella seem to be a bit of a classic UK candy, found in most stores and even sold individually in bulk bins. I know that, unlike Starburst and HiChew, they use all natural ingredients and flavors, which I find attractive in a candy.

The pieces are a little smaller and a little thicker than a Starburst chew, yet they approximately the same: square in shape, wrapped in colorful wax paper and come in a long roll.

First, I have to report that I only tasted a few of the flavors because in this pack of four big rolls I assumed that all were the same assorted mix of every flavor. I was mistaken. I only realized this after it was too late to get the ones I shared with my boyfriend. He did say they were very tasty though.

But out of the flavors I did try, I did enjoy very much.

Strawberry: The color is a light pastel pink, since it’s all natural. Te flavor is very milky, creamy, and berry-like. It’s odd because I also taste notes of banana and medicine in there too. It’s an odd, starchy sweetness followed by a bitterness that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was good, but strange.

Orange: Nowhere near as intense as the Starburst orange flavor. The taste is mild with an authentic juiciness and nice zest to it.  It still gets my saliva going, which I love.

Lemon: The color is a light, pastel yellow. The flavor is extremely authentic of fresh lemons: zesty, tart, bright and citrusy. It left an awesome fresh flavor in my mouth and I couldn’t get enough of these.

Black currant: A favorite flavor over in the UK that I wish we’d see more of in the States. It’s very accurate with the flavor as it immediately reads as “currant”. It starts out tasting like grape, then turns more berry with a zesty, pine-like flavors as you begin to chew. It’s extremely juicy, getting my mouth worked up more than the orange flavor. It’s really nice as the flavor is mild, yet delivers the great sweet and fruity flavors of the currants. Yum.

I hope to get my hands on more so I can try the peach, raspberry and pear flavors I missed. Next time!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again



Gobstoppers Heart Breakers Package

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to the candy they choose, and I am always interested in talking to people to see what their preferences are. One of the things I enjoy about having a candy blog is that it sometimes makes me eat “outside the candy box” and try something that I wouldn’t normally buy. Wonka’s Gobstoppers are one of these candies. I enjoy hard candies, yes, and I am impartial on tart/sour candies, so I have tended to just gloss over these in stores in favor of something I know I really enjoy. Then last year Cybele reviewed these at reviewed these. Her photographs of them were so tempting, I knew I had to pick some up if I ever saw them. As far as I was concerned, even if they didn’t taste good, I’d get some pretty photos out of them at least.

So on the same trip to Wal-Mart where I found the Strawberry Creme Hershey’s Kisses I saw these on the shelf. What a productive shopping trip, huh?

I have to admit the name makes me think of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. One of my favorite bands.


Gobstoppers Heartbreakers

The hearts are so pretty. They sit beautifully on my photography table; glossy, colorful and smooth. The colors, even though I would not call them traditional Valentine’s Day colors, still feel very festive.

Speaking of the the colors, there’s five total: purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow. They all taste the same aside with subtle variations. The yellow tasted a tad lemony, pink a little strawberry, purple like grape and orange, well, orange.  Overall, they had a lightly sweet fruity flavor to them, and the tartness appears only when you crunch down through the shell to release the grainy, powdery center. Speaking of the center, it’s a chalky dextrose which has a nice tartness to it ad dissolves quickly on the tongue. The texture of the shell combined with the softer center is a wonderful contrast of hard and soft, smooth and grainy.

After tasting the few I had to do for the review, I admit I haven’t touched them. I’ve been eating the Hershey’s Kisses instead. Preferences die hard I guess.


Gobstoppers Heartbreakers

You have to admit though. They are terribly festive and just adorable to look at.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Wonka Website


Yorkie Bar Wrapper

“NOT FOR GIRLS!” cries the wrapped of this infamous candy bar. It’s made by Nestle and sold only in the UK, as we folks in the US obviously don’t know how to take a joke, especially when it’s written on a candy bar. I’d seen this bar around for a long time, but had never actually eaten it. I liked to point it out to friends, we’d all have a good chuckle over it and we’d move on. For me, Yorkie bar was not something to eat, but more of a humorous thing to stumble across in the store from time to time.

Considering how my boyfriend brought this one back to me to review, well, I had to finally sit down and give it a taste. I should have stood my ground and told time he’d have to try it for me, since you know, I am a girl after all.

The bar is really unremarkable in many ways. Taking it out of it’s wrapper it’s really just a big, thick bar that’s segmented into 5 pieces. It’s a good bite for each piece, and I can’t understand how that’d be considered “manly”.

The chocolate is a nice medium brown, creamy color. It has a subtle sheen and smells sweet.

The chocolate is hard to eat because it’s so thick. It’s very sweet with lots of caramel, creamy, milky flavors to it. The overall effect is a very rich milk chocolate. It does deliver a nice chocolatey flavor that’s faithful to that standard dry milk UK chocolate flavor. It’s just a fatter, thicker Cadbury Dairymilk in a way. Nothing noteworthy at all and I guess it boils down to how big you like the size of your chocolate bar.

Remember girls, bigger is not always better.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

Links  Nestle Website



Barrett Black Jack Wrapper

When I first laid eyes on this, I could hardly contain myself. Black Jack is an aniseed flavored chew bar, and until that moment I didn’t know such a thing existed. I was so excited! I love anise and the thought of it in a taffy just made my little heart skip a beat.

Unwrapping the taffy I was interested to find that it looks like a black/charcoal grey Airhead. It’s also about the same thickness, but the shape is a bit thinner and longer.

The texture is immediately extremely hard and sticky. I refrained from chewing to keep my teeth from being cemented together. Best method for consumption is to suck on it, or cut it.

The difficulty of eating this didn’t keep me from falling in love with it though. The flavor is where this candy sings. The taste is strongly of anise, with it’s licorice, spicy, woodsy, herbal flavors. It’s also, to my surprise, fruity as well. It has note of apple and pear in it. Delicious!

Another downside to this taffy I found out after eating it. It turned my tongue and mouth black. I felt like a giraffe. This was an unexpected side effect, to say the least. I didn’t realize it has happened until my boyfriend started laughing at me when I smiled at him.

Despite Black Jack’s oddities, I really, really liked it.  I wish things like this were sold in the US, but a girl can keep dreaming, right?

Rating: Hoard





Nestle Walnut Whip

I’ve heard tales of the infamous Walnut Whip. Many love it and consider it a very overlooked confection, others say it’s really nothing noteworthy. So when I was presented with a pair of Whips, I was excited to try them and see where I stood in the great Walnut Whip controversy. Would it be as good as some claim? Or as blah are many insist?

This Walnut Whip is the vanilla flavor (there’s others?) and comes in this cute, bright blue, upright standing package. The wrapper describes it as “Milk chocolate whirl with a vanilla fondant cream center”. Sounds tasty!

As soon as I open it up it smells of the iconic, sweet, Nestle milk chocolate. I was slightly disappointed to find that my walnut has loosened itself and had fallen to the bottom of the package.

Taking the candy out and placing the walnut on top where it should be. I admit, it’s a pretty funny looking candy. It reminds me of a beehive, a tall swirled mound. I first ate the walnut, alone. It’s buttery and fresh with that slight astringent taste from the skins. Then my first nibble of chocolate: it tasted sweet, buttery and of maple syrup. It’s nice and smooth with good flavors of cocoa and milk. It’s a sweet milk flavor and has no tang to it as British chocolate often does.

The vanilla fondant center is really fluffy, I was surprised by. I was expecting more of a thick, ganache center as fondants usually reads as heavy and thick in my mind. Instead, it’s light and fluffy like a nougat or marshmallow. The fondant is very sweet with the light vanilla flavor that is supplemented with notes of butter and hints of strawberries. It’s a little tangy and it’s very tasty.

I found the most enjoyable way to eat this was pick the walnut off the top and then bite into the chocolate at the peak. From there I lick out the fondant center and then eat the empty shell. Yes, I am aware that I’m weird.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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