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Mars Bar (USA)

Mars is a candy bar with a very confusing history. If you want to read the full story, I recommend you check out Wikipedia’s article on the Mars bar, but for here I’ll give you are more succinct version. Mars bar was originally a UK candy bar, which is essentially their version of our Milky Way: creamy nougat with a stripe of caramel covered in chocolate. There has been countless varieties and variations over the years, so it’s a little tricky to keep track of them.

So imagine my surprise when I see this Mars bar sitting in the checkout shelf in a Wal-Mart. The package is not the traditional UK style with the black background and the bright red lettering, so I realize this must be some version for the USA. I notice almonds decorating the packaging, which is an immediate tip off that this isn’t the traditional bar. Excited to try it, I nab one off the shelf and take it home with me.

Once the bar is out of the wrapper, it looks like any traditional candy bar: rectangular with a pretty chocolate enrobing pattern on top. It smells sweet and inviting.

I take a bite.

My first impression on the bar is the fresh crunchy almonds. They’re whole too, as far as I can tell. They’re the main flavor and texture of this bar, kinda like how the peanuts are for a Snickers bar. The caramel is not there at all, I hardly notice it and it doesn’t leave a trail at all when I bite into it. The nougat is sweet and fluffy, but doesn’t add much flavor. The milk chocolate is nice and sweet, and balances out the almonds.

Overall? It didn’t wow me in any way. The nuts were the nicest part, so if you’re into nutty candy bars or an almond lover. I suggest checking it out.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Mars Website


Chelsea Praline Scotch

Like most Japanese candies, Chelsea comes out with season flavors and varieties. I found this box of Praline Scotch at an Asian Market in New York City. I am unsure if this was a winter or spring limited edition, but regardless it seems to be no longer listed on the website. No matter, seasonal candy, unlike fruit, is quite good still as time goes on.

The color scheme and design, like all Chelsea, is gorgeous. Full of color and retro flowers, it has to be one of my favorite candy packages ever. Praline Scotch follow a golden theme, with hints of orange and purple.

The candy itself is a rich dark brown color and smells like coffee. I can’t bring myself to throw away the wrappers as they’re so pretty. If only I knew how to make origami cranes out of them.

The flavor is very nutty right away. It really captures that buttery nuttiness of pralines. To compliment it, there’s a wonderfully creamy smoothness of the “scotch”, which I believe to be is caramel. Together it’s quite sweet, and it reminds me of Nutella in a way. It’s really excellent.

As always, I am impressed with this flavor from Chelsea. Never have they made something that tasted just “ok”. If you’re never had them before, do seek them out. They’re really a shining star in the candy world.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Chelsea Website


Armadillo Droppings Box

These were a fun find during a layover at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport in Texas. My plane was slightly delayed so I had some time to walk around the terminal and peruse the different shops and foods they had to offer. The candy stores had an impressive amount of stuff, and even though there were a few things that I haven’t had before, I settled on these Texas Armadillo Droppings. Why? Well, I didn’t know when I’d be back in the area for one, and these looked like something I probably wouldn’t find again. Plus, the armadillo is so cute!

So what are armadillo droppings? Well, in candy terminology they’re really “dark pralines”.  They’re a candy made up of butter, milk, sugar and pecans. Very simple and easy to make, and very, very tasty.

The box opens to reveal a bunch of these droppings, all individually wrapped in plastic and ready to be eaten alone or shared with with friends.


Armadillo Droppings

The color of the pralines is a rich, a deep rusty caramel color. You can see the bits of pecans dotting it throughout. The aroma is mild, smells of sweet butter.

The texture is very smooth and creamy, not sticky at all! The flavor is extremely buttery and sweet, with lovely burnt sugar notes and wonderful nutty flavors from the pecans. The pecans are fresh and meaty and deliver an amazing flavor. It’s this great combo of sweet buttery and rich and meaty from the pecans. Wow, just wow. In fact, I can tell these very fresh and it’s lovely.

So if you’re ever in Texas, I’d recommend you pick up some of these Armadillo Droppings. Funny name, cute armadillo and great taste.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


Pecan Divinity

The first time I ever heard of Divinity is from a episode of Paula Dean, no joke. She was doing candy and cookies that day, and she made these white, whipped looking things with pecans in them. I was listening to the show from the kitchen (I was cooking myself) and didn’t see the prep, otherwise I would have realized she was making candy. Paula Dean aside, I always viewed divinity as a southern thing, as I’ve never seen it around where I am, and my west coast family never made the stuff.

When I saw this in the Wilbur Chocolate Company’s gift shop. I knew I had to try it. I was surprised when I actually saw it with my own eyes, and it looks just like my beloved torrone! It’s a pretty white colored base studded with nuggets of pecans. It’s really pretty and I was excited to try it.

The divinity’s texture is surprisingly soft and fluffy. It’s like a extremely fresh marshmallow in your mouth, but a little more dense.

The flavor is very sweet with a hint of vanilla. You immediately get the buttery taste of the pecans, that accent the wonderful sweetness. I admit I was surprised as to how complex it tasted with such a simple list of ingredients. As this is my first taste of divinity, I’m pretty impressed This is awesome.

I think now I’m going to try and make this at home as there’s many recipes for that. I just have to wait for a day when it’s not humid out. Which mean, ick, I’m going to be waiting a while…

Rating: Hoard



Links Dillon’s Gourmet Divinity Shop Page (Only link I could find!)


See's Dark Rum Raisin

My newest sample of See’s Candies’ September limited edition candy has arrived! This month’s flavor is Dark Rum Raisin, and I’m really excited to try it considering how yummy last months flavor was.

Rum raisin is a flavor I don’t get to have too terribly often. I’m not a big drinker of alcohol, so my experience with actual rum is fairly limited. There’s been a few tastes of rum raisin ice cream in my childhood, a piece of fruitcake here and there (my Dad is a fan of them), and then of course a sip from drinks offered by friends.

The candy is rectangular, with a beautiful drank rippling of chocolate on top. It smells of the sweet dark chocolate and no hint of the flavor inside.

My first bite reveals a creamy, beige colored interior studded with raisins and candied cherries. The flavor is of rum right away, with it’s warm, buttery, alcoholic taste. There’s not burn here thankfully, but the flavor is authentic as far as I can tell. The raisins and cherries are tart and fruity like I expect them to be. The chocolate serves to round out the candy with its deep, rich, slightly sweet chocolatey flavors and keeps the rum from being too intense. It’s beautifully balanced and I find myself enjoying it a lot.

If you’re a fan of rum raisin flavors I highly suggest you seek these out. It’s a great take on this flavor in a nice, compact small dose. The Black Forest Truffle from last month still holds as my favorite so far, but this piece is also a delight to indulge in, and I appreciate how I am now more familiar with this flavor.

CONTEST: I have another two gift certificates from See’s to give away! It’s for one pound of these chocolate, and can be used in their stores or by phone at (800-895-7337). So how do you enter? Please comment on this post by Friday the 24th at noon, EST and share your favorite See’s flavor if you have one. I’ll choose a winner randomly from those who enter. Best of luck!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links See’s Candies Website

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