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Mocha Roca Package

I first heard of the Roca’s when I was sent a gift package from a friend in Seattle. They’re made by Brown & Haley, a company that’s local to the area and also manufacture the lesser-known Mountain Bars. Once I saw the packaging, I realized that I see these all the time in grocery and drug stores. I just haven’t paid them any attention until now. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge from a good friend to find something new.

There’s many different flavors of Roca: Peanut Roca, Cashew Roca, Mocha Roca, and the most popular is the Almond Roca. I’m sure I’m missing some.

The packet holds two little Rocas, and once the main packaging is off, you get the two pieces in separate wrapper, then again inside that they’re all rolled up in a nice coffee-colored foil wrapper. Each Roca looks like a little log, about the size of a chubby pinky finger. Taking toe foil off, it’s rolled in bits of nuts and chocolate and reminds me of the topping on toffee. The feel fairly solid in the palm of my hand too. They’re cute in a way, like little Wooly Bears caterpillars.

The pieces cleave easily when you bite down on them. The toffee has a smooth break and is very smooth. The flavor I found very odd as I haven’t tasted anything like it before. I first notice the nuts with the chocolate, then a strong buttery hit of the toffee. Yes, I realize I described most toffees right there, but that’s not the part that makes this a new taste experience for me. That’s when coffee comes in, and this is no mild coffee flavor. This is intense. So much so in fact that I really feel like I’m eating a cup of coffee with chocolate, whipped cream and nuts on top of the small dollop of whipped cream. It’s surreal, and very tasty. I like how this little thing has such a powerful, flavor packed punch.

I enjoyed these, and I like how they come in a variety of package sizes so you can get a whole tin of them, or just a small packed of two like I bought here. They go wonderfully with a hot drink and make a good sweet snack. The only thing is that so much of it gets stuck in my teeth, it may be too annoying for me to get again. We’ll see.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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See's Awesome Walnut Square Bar Package

Since I had the amazing luck to find myself in a See’s store, I couldn’t help but buy as many of their items as I could. I knew they carried bars along with their lollipops and boxes, but I had never laid my eyes upon the Awesome Walnut Square Bar until then. Pleased to know there was more single-serve bars for me to purchase (I already had it out for the Awesome Nut & Chew and the Awesome Peanut Brittle bars), I tossed a few into my shopping cart. I didn’t know when I’d see them in a store again, and I didn’t want to take any chances.

The bar itself is a square, unlike most standard candy bars that are usually rectangular. I think Walnut Square and Chunky should go out on a date.

Unwrapped the bar is beautiful, with the glossy chocolate coating slightly rippled like wind-blown sand. I tried to break off a piece for a photo only to find that’s it’s very pliable and dense. Smells very sweet and of the chocolate coating.

The texture is very thick and dense, like a slab of ultra chewy caramel, which is mainly what this is made up of. You taste the caramel right away: mild and buttery with a touch of salt.  It’s so good that you hardly notice the chocolate at all. Then there’s the walnuts which are really the star of this bar (hence the name!). The chucks are a good size, and you taste their nutty and sweet flavors immediately. The chewy caramel paired with the soft but slightly crunchy nuts gives an incredible textural sensation and chew in the mouth.

Even though this is a combination I don’t really crave or specifically look for, I really enjoyed it. It’s a nice quality unique piece of candy. If you’re a walnut lover, you need to get your hands on this.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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See's Awesome Nut & Chew Bar

Even on the East Coast, I have heard tales of the wonder and delight about the See’s Awesome Nut & Chew Bar. My friends out west all rave about it and I never understood what the fuss was about since I’d hadn’t eaten one before. It wasn’t until I read Cybele’s review of the bar that I specifically began to crave it. My love of chocolate and good nougat just called to me in this bar, yet I dawdled in purchasing myself some. It was only this past summer where I located them in a See’s store and bought a bunch to compensate.

The bar’s wrapper describes it as “chewy nougat with almonds and honey covered in dark chocolate”. I love the look of this bar, or should I saw the wrapper. The red is pleasing to look at, and the yellow lettering has a classic feel to it. The little bee is a whimsy element, and reminds me that I’m in for a real treat.


See's Awesome Nut & Chew Bar

Unwrapped the bar is lovely. Long and slender with the dark chocolate looking glossy and flawless. The dark chocolate is perfect for this bar, and I’m glad they didn’t decide to use a milk chocolate. It smells lightly sweet with nice notes of cinnamon, coconut, coffee, and cocoa.

The nougat is immediately impressive as you can really taste the honey in it. The almonds are crunchy and fresh. The bar’s texture is a nice chew that’s not flimsy, yet still soft so it’s satisfying. You can tell the ingredients are pure, simple and combined to make something really out of this world. I know it’s a short description, but it’s accurate since the flavors are very straightforward and clean cut. It’s simply something I suggest you to experience yourself.

I was able to by more of these back in December and everyone I shared them with were immediately addicted. Just a warning.

You have to be pretty darned confident to name a candy bar with “awesome” in it. This bar lives up to it’s name. It’s so good. It’s a good thing I don’t live in California otherwise I’d be eating these all day.

Rating: Hoard



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Caffarel Conetto

Caffarel is one of those companies that I get all giddy when I find their products. Something about them already reads as upscale, luxurious, unique and extremely delicious. The fact they’re an Italian company adds to the appeal too because not only is it foreign, but also difficult to find. I always feel like I’ve stumbled across the holy grail when I see them in stores.

I felt exactly that when I walked into one of my favorite food boutiques in the area and saw the Caffarel Conetto on the counter. Oh wow! I’ve heard of these but haven’t actually seen them. They’re best described as a little wafer cone with hazelnut creme inside and topped with toasted rice bits. I bought a couple and couldn’t wait to photograph and then eat them!

They’re adorable to look at. They look like mini versions of the ice cream Drumsticks. The waffle cone is wonderfully textured, the rice crisps nicely caramel in color, and the whole things smells rich of chocolate, hazelnuts and cream. 

The hazelnut creme is very smooth and silky. The flavor leans more toward the hazelnut flavor with the chocolate more of an afterthought. Aside from the hazelnut and cocoa notes, there’s a lot of roasted and milky flavors mixed in there. Think of it as a milder, sweeter, nuttier Nutella. The rice bits provide a nice crunch (some were more chewy) and a very toasty, carby flavor. The cone is insanely crispy and fresh with a nice toasty brown sugary taste. Just like the ones in an ice cream shop! It provides a wonderful base for the hazelnut creme and the flavors in this work so well together.

Even though the Conetto is terribly tasty, I’d probably wouldn’t buy them again cause they’re expensive and on the small side. They’re great to give (or get!) as a gift and I certainly wouldn’t turn one down if handed to me.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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See's Awesome Peanut Brittle Bar Package

Another popular item in See’s line of Awesome candy bars is the Awesome Peanut Brittle Bar. I know See’s really pride themselves on their peanut brittle, among many of their other items like the Scotchmallow and the Bordeaux, so I was interested to see how it tasted when covered in chocolate. Better, of course! Wouldn’t everything taste better coated in chocolate? I digress…

Firstly, I like the size and price of these. They weigh in at about an ounce and cost as much as a Snickers bar or a packet of M&Ms. The premise of the bar is simple, you get a small bit of the brittle covered in chocolate to enjoy by yourself. Granted, it’s so good I’d understand if you’d want to buy their large box of the brittle, but large boxes mean sharing or immediate death in my book, so I like my modest portions to be handed to me ready to consume.

It took some work, but I was able to break it in half with a hard snap. You know, for the photo! You can already see the huge peanuts that are in the brittle. It smells sweet, nutty and a touch salty.

See's Awesome Peanut Brittle Bar

The texture is extremely crunchy, and it’s, well…..awesome. The brittle is perfect in that regard. Not too soft, and it’s not too hard either, so it’s safe for your teeth! I appreciate that.

The flavor is a great mix: immediately buttery and sweet. A burst of salt then smacks you which is then alleviated buy the peanuts and eased out with the sweet milk chocolate. So good.

This won’t take first place as my favorite bar in the Awesome line, which is reserved for the Nut & Chew bar, but it’s still a strong contender. Anyone who’s crazy for brittle needs to be sent a case for their next birthday.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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