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Milka Ei Egg Package: Closed

I heard about these mysterious Milka “Scoop Easter Eggs” in places all over the internet. Usually I’d hear them mentioned, and praised, in areas where Cadbury Cream Eggs were being discussed. The idea of a cream filled chocolate eggs was extremely tempting, so I started to extensively search to find these nameless scoop eggs that fondly existed in people’s childhood Easter memories. My hard work eventually paid off as I located these Ei Eggs made by Milka (I know Ei is “egg” in Dutch) and I knew immediately that I had found what all the fuss was about. I put an order in and waited patiently for my treat to arrive on my doorstep.

First of all, I was impressed by the packaging. They really went all out. The eggs come in a pack of four, in a beautiful bright purple egg carton. How cool! You flip the top open to find the eggs and a set of two plastic spoons to eat them with. Are they suggesting that at share? I hope not!


Milka Ei Egg Package: Open

This one’s interactivity I found really interesting. It looks like a large Cadbury Cream Egg (CCE from now on) that you “crack” open and eat the white looking insides with a spoon. So cute! Once unwrapped from the foil, the egg’s surface is smooth, except for 1/4 way up the top where there’s a zig zag crack pattern showing were you are supposed to open the egg. The packages’ picture directions who you whacking it open with the dinky plastic spoon that is included, but I decided lightly squeezing the egg to get it to cleave was a better method.

Eating the broken off top shell gave me a chance to taste the chocolate: it’s sweet, has a really nice milkiness to it that has a slight tang to it. I’d say Cadbury chocolate is milkier and I do get notes of the chocolate and some caramel in there too. I was impressed with the chocolate’s taste, since I really was expecting it just to be creamy and sweet tasting like most mass produced milk chocolates are.


Milka Ei Egg: Inside

Now, for those white cream insides. Taking my first scoop, I realized the insides were more light and fluffy as opposed to the CCE’s dense and gooey center. This is more whipped and airy. The flavor is that of white chocolate: it’s creamy, a little chocolatey, very sweet and I even get notes of malt and vanilla. Overall, a stellar white chocolate flavor. It has that very slick mouth feel from all the cocoa butter and vegetable oils. This was cute to eat too as it was oddly satisfying to eat with the little spoon. That also slowed down my eating process so it took me a bit to finish and I could go slowly and really enjoy it.

I love these, since the interactivity of eating it is not only fun, but unique was well. Not to mention they’re really delicious! The only thing I would warn against is you may find this overly sweet if you are sensitive to that sort of thing and if CCE’s are not too your liking for the same reason. If you see them, I highly recommend you picking some up.

Rating: Hoard



Links Milka Website


Marshmallow Peeps Yellow

Peeps are one of those candies that you immediately associate with Easter. Or, at least, I do, even though I never got them in my Easter Basket as a kid. Peeps are the kind of candy that you either love them to pieces or you don’t care much for them, I’ve found little gray area in between. The people who do love Peeps almost have formed a cult following for them. I’m sure a book could be written by fan as to the best way to eat them (fresh, stale, microwaved, toasted, etc) or what to do with them (make s’ mores, decorate cupcakes, make art and crafts, scientific research, etc). There isn’t a more versatile candy around, it seems.

I prefer to take photos of them myself, like these, er, peeps over at Flickr.

The concept of Peeps are pretty simply, they’re marshmallow with a crunchy colored sugar shell. Most are shaped like baby chicks, but as the years have passed new shapes have been introduced. At Easter you can find the chicks along with bunny peeps. New colors also have been introduced, and you can find them in all colors of the rainbow now. I recall red ones that were a Target exclusive last year, and this year I saw orange ones on the shelves in Wal-Mart. True to real chickens and rabbits, the peeps seem to have no problem multiplying to take up more shelf space each year.


Marshmallow Peeps

I do like the little Peeps simply because they’re so cute. The eyes on them are hand painted, and I especially love the ones that I find a little cross-eyed.

The texture of these really depends on how fresh you get them and how fresh you like to eat them. When brand new, they’re very soft and pillow like a marshmallow should be, with their sugar coating a bit crunchy. The staler they get, which is how many prefer to eat them, the peeps get firmer and chewier. It really all depends on the maturity of your peep.

The flavor is lightly sweet and tastes rather bland. They don’t even taste like marshmallow to me, which usually have a hint of vanilla to them. These just taste sweet and starchy, and forgive me for saying so, but I’m reminded of communion wafers.

I’m trying to expand my Peep eating horizon and have let those I’d taken out for my photos to sit outside the package and gradually get stale in my living room. I’m trying them day-by-day to see exactly how stiff and crunchy I like them. I find that I prefer the texture of Peeps over the flavor, which is why once these are gone I probably won’t buy more unless I have the urge for another photo shoot.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Peep’s Website
Peeps at Wikipedia


Gud Fud Marshmallows Wrappers

Marshmallows are an overlooked confection in my opinion. I think part of the problem is how we Americans eat them, which is paired with something else like s’mores, rice crispy treats or in peanut butter fluff sandwiches. Or maybe I am just speaking for myself as this is how I always had them growing up. It was almost unheard of to eat one straight out of the bag, and when you did, the texture was often strange and the flavor lacking. It was enough to keep you from doing it ever again.

I started seeing stuffed marshmallows when I was in Japan five years ago during an architecture study during school. I was first shocked at the idea, taking something that’s pretty much pure sugar and adding more sugar to it. I gave some a try, I recall getting a strawberry, blueberry and a pudding variety a try. All of which ended up being so sweet that I could only eat a couple of them. Like eating a marshmallow plain, the experience left me not wanting to try it again.

I first encountered Gud Fud Stuffed Marshmallows back when I first started writing for I enjoyed them, and aside from seeing them at the All Candy Expo again that year and in a few select stores, I had forgotten about them. I was also dismayed to find Cybele at Candyblog reviewed them after I had gotten my samples, only because she suggested some cool ideas of alternative ways of eating them.

So, as you might have guessed, I was recently contacted by the nice folks at Gud Fud offering to send me some samples to review. I was excited to give them a second go, and next thing I knew, I was swimming in 1600, or 8kg, of Gud Fud marshmallows.


Sera and Marshmallows

A picture was necessary!

Even though I didn’t have any of the actual store packages on hand with this new set of ample samples, I do recall my impressions when I first saw them as they’re very striking. Firstly, the GüdFüd (I believe it’s pronounced Goood Fooood, with that fun long “oooo” sound) caught my eye as I feel it’s a clever way of expressing and presenting the name. Then the artwork caught my eye: illustrations of little crazy-looking marshmallows with varying expressions adorn the wrappers. It’s cute as they’re all getting the “stuffing” shoved into their heads, and they look so gleeful about it. Alongside the smiling marshmallows are the Japanese katakana translations of the flavors.

Each marshmallow come individually wrapped, true to their Japanese cousins.

The marshmallows are a a good size, a little larger than a silver dollar. They have a nice shape to them too, about 3/4 inch tall and and round and squish nicely between my fingers. They feel firm, yet have that nice give to them that tells me they are quite fresh.

The don’t have much of a smell at all, just lightly sweet, like most marshmallows do.  The texture is great, it’s firm, yet soft, just like how it feels in my hand. It feels pillowy and soft, and it allows me a to chew it a few times in my mouth before ti dissolves. As far as flavor, it’s lightly sweet and, just, well, marshmallow-y.


Gud Fud Marshmallows Bitten

Strawberry: The berry flavor is strong, with a juicy, floral perfumey note to it with hints of bubblegum. It reads a strawberry, yet I hesitate to call it an authentic representation. It’s color is a bright pink and is very striking against the white marshmallow.

Orange: Very juicy and zesty, and like the strawberry, not authentic, but still tasty and enjoyable. I’m get a mix of marmalade and orange soda if I had to lay my finger on what the flavor reminds me of. It has a good strength of flavor and I’d say it’s the punchiest of the fruit flavors.

Grape: The flavor reminds me of Smuckers grape jelly mixed with that tart kick and intense sweetness of grape soda. It isn’t terribly strong as a flavor, and it compliments the marshmallow nicely. By far the mildest of the three.

Chocolate: This marshmallows smells, and it smells lightly of hot chocolate. The flavor reminds me immediately of hot chocolate powder or packaged brownie and cake mix. It’s chocolately for sure, but it’s not the real deal, as so to speak. You can taste the “flatness” of the cocoa, yet it works well with the marshmallow. Besides, they’re “stuffed marshmallows with chocolate”, not “marshmallow covered” chocolate, so I’m glad they worked on preserving the marshmallow as the primary component, especially with such an aggressive flavor.

I am happy to say, I enjoyed these now even more than when I first tried them. Something about the subtle flavors and chewy texture is really appealing to my candy cravings as of late. I’ve also had a lot of fun trying different ways of eating them, inspired by Cybele. I’ve toasted them, microwaved them, dipped them in chocolate, sandwiched them, eaten them with Golden Grahams, and of course shared them with friends. All experiments have been successful. 

I’m hoping that I will be able to find these more readily in stores now, as I believe Gud Fud is really working to get wider distribution (they even have a Facebook page!). If you haven’t’ seen them around and want to give them a try, Rosa over at ZOMG! Candy is having a giveaway of these tasty fellas. I highly recommend entering.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Gud Fud Website


Peeps Strawberry Creme

Aren’t these so cute? Just perfect for Valentines Day! Not only are the shapes cute and simple, but they’re nicely colored with an appealing flavor for the season. I am pretty sure these are a new release this year, as I don’t remember seeing them last Valentines Day. Does anyone else recall?

The hearts come in a nicely protected pack of 9, each set of 3 in a tray. The package is very fitting for the holiday too. Pink with little “XOXO” patterns all over it. You can smell the Peep hearts immediately once you open them. The aroma is strawberry with it’s bright berry flavor and “red” essence. There’s a tart edge to these too and I can’t help but compare it to how the red SweetTarts smell.

The inside of these Peeps are pink too! How precious is that! I tried my first row fresh, so the texture was beautifully pillowy soft. The flavor is awesome, as it’s in the sugar coating as well as in the marshmallow. It’s a great strawberry taste for sure. It’s a light flavor, nothing overpowering here, but then again, when were Peeps ever overpowering? There’s a light sweetness and a good berry/perfume flavor that really give it that nice strawberry essence. In a way I’m reminded of that pink goopy medicine I was given as a kid when I had strep throat, but that’s a good thing here. I loved eating that stuff.

I bet these, along with all other flavored marshmallows, will be fun to experiment with. In hot cocoa? In Valentines Day s’mores? Fondue? Such possibilities!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Marshmallow Peeps Website


Nestle Walnut Whip

I’ve heard tales of the infamous Walnut Whip. Many love it and consider it a very overlooked confection, others say it’s really nothing noteworthy. So when I was presented with a pair of Whips, I was excited to try them and see where I stood in the great Walnut Whip controversy. Would it be as good as some claim? Or as blah are many insist?

This Walnut Whip is the vanilla flavor (there’s others?) and comes in this cute, bright blue, upright standing package. The wrapper describes it as “Milk chocolate whirl with a vanilla fondant cream center”. Sounds tasty!

As soon as I open it up it smells of the iconic, sweet, Nestle milk chocolate. I was slightly disappointed to find that my walnut has loosened itself and had fallen to the bottom of the package.

Taking the candy out and placing the walnut on top where it should be. I admit, it’s a pretty funny looking candy. It reminds me of a beehive, a tall swirled mound. I first ate the walnut, alone. It’s buttery and fresh with that slight astringent taste from the skins. Then my first nibble of chocolate: it tasted sweet, buttery and of maple syrup. It’s nice and smooth with good flavors of cocoa and milk. It’s a sweet milk flavor and has no tang to it as British chocolate often does.

The vanilla fondant center is really fluffy, I was surprised by. I was expecting more of a thick, ganache center as fondants usually reads as heavy and thick in my mind. Instead, it’s light and fluffy like a nougat or marshmallow. The fondant is very sweet with the light vanilla flavor that is supplemented with notes of butter and hints of strawberries. It’s a little tangy and it’s very tasty.

I found the most enjoyable way to eat this was pick the walnut off the top and then bite into the chocolate at the peak. From there I lick out the fondant center and then eat the empty shell. Yes, I am aware that I’m weird.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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