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Pecan Divinity

The first time I ever heard of Divinity is from a episode of Paula Dean, no joke. She was doing candy and cookies that day, and she made these white, whipped looking things with pecans in them. I was listening to the show from the kitchen (I was cooking myself) and didn’t see the prep, otherwise I would have realized she was making candy. Paula Dean aside, I always viewed divinity as a southern thing, as I’ve never seen it around where I am, and my west coast family never made the stuff.

When I saw this in the Wilbur Chocolate Company’s gift shop. I knew I had to try it. I was surprised when I actually saw it with my own eyes, and it looks just like my beloved torrone! It’s a pretty white colored base studded with nuggets of pecans. It’s really pretty and I was excited to try it.

The divinity’s texture is surprisingly soft and fluffy. It’s like a extremely fresh marshmallow in your mouth, but a little more dense.

The flavor is very sweet with a hint of vanilla. You immediately get the buttery taste of the pecans, that accent the wonderful sweetness. I admit I was surprised as to how complex it tasted with such a simple list of ingredients. As this is my first taste of divinity, I’m pretty impressed This is awesome.

I think now I’m going to try and make this at home as there’s many recipes for that. I just have to wait for a day when it’s not humid out. Which mean, ick, I’m going to be waiting a while…

Rating: Hoard



Links Dillon’s Gourmet Divinity Shop Page (Only link I could find!)


Tubi Tire Tread Red

In my last post I wrote about Tubi’s Black Tire Tread, and I’m happy to inform you that Tubi makes a Tire Tread Red too. I didn’t know of the red variety for some time, and it wasn’t until I discovered it at a rest stop on the way home to my parent’s place. My boyfriend is the one who I pointed it out to, and since he loves good red licorice, we decided to try it. We immediately loved it and wished we had bought more.

The Red is made the same way as the Black, of a row of ribbons, piled three layers high and cut into squares.

The red flavor has the same wet, thick, chewy texture. The flavor is indeed “red” but I mean that in the best way possible. It’s sweet, and has nice notes of berries, mainly strawberry and cherry. It’s very juicy, with an edge of tartness.

This is a very well crafted and well flavored red licorice. It really tastes of something, as opposed to the likes of Twizzlers and most other main stream licorice chews. I like my candy to taste like

Rating: Hoard


Tubi Tire Tread Black

Tubi’s Tire Tread Black Licorice is something I discovered back at the All Candy Expo, now the Sweets and Snacks Expo, back in 2007. I was immediately smitten and I now scoop the stuff up whenever I see it, which sadly isn’t very often.

First off, the name is very descriptive of the candy itself, and you have to look at it to figure it out. The licorice is made of little laces, which are lined up in rows to make a big ribbon. These ribbons are stacked three high and then cut into squares. They do look a lot like tire treads, with their black color and texture due to the ribbons stacks. It also provides a fun way to dissect the candy when you consume it. It’s very interactive and fun.

The licorice slice is very slick and thick. The chew is very dense and soft and the flavor is very rich of molasses and licorice. It has very rich sweet notes, with a very sweet aftertaste and herbal flavor to it. The taste is so lovely, I could eat it all day.

I highly recommend these if you’re a black licorice lover, or if you’re looking to try some awesome black licorice to see if it’s something you’d like. You really can’t go wrong with Tubi’s as far as I’m concerned.

Rating: Hoard




See's Black Forest Truffle

The new limited edition See’s flavor has arrived! Yay! I am super excited about this month’s free sample of the See’s Black Forest Truffle. Who doesn’t love chocolate delivered to your doorstep? I digress. I get excited about all candy, but when I heard these were headed my way it made me happy because I love sampling See’s Candies’ products.

The bonbons arrived halfway melted, by no fault of the company, simply because the heat where I am was oppressive that day. I popped them right in the fridge to cool some, which made it hard for me to wait to sample my first one. Also, because of the melting, the bonbons in the photo may not be the most attractive, but I did my best. I’m sure if you got them in store they’d look as impeccable as ever.

Once they were cool and solid enough to handle, I went in for my first taste!

The dark chocolate is rich and smooth with notes of berries and coffee.The richness of the chocolate with it’s full flavors blend into an intense fudgey sweetness that’s crowned with the fresh flavor of black cherries. The cherry flavor is very complex, as it’s tart, sweet, has a wonderful depth to it. It its a nice mix of jam and cordial. It’s lovely. The chocolate’s “red” notes allow for it to blend beautifully with the cherry flavors. The texture is soft and fudgey and incredible luxurious. This is an incredible pieces of chocolate art.

I know I enjoyed the past two Limited Edition flavors, but this one they’re really outdone themselves. I hope they bring one one back as a regular addition to the See’s lines of incredible candies.

CONTEST: I have another a gift certificate from See’s to give away! It’s for one pound of these chocolate, and can be used in their stores or by phone at (800-895-7337). So how do you enter? Please comment on this post by Friday at noon, EST and share your favorite See’s flavor if you have one. I’ll choose a winner randomly from those who enter. Best of luck!


Links See’s Candies Website


Katjes Katzen Pfotchen Bag

These, like the Lakritz Batzen I reviewed on Monday, are another licorice made by Katjes. I picked these up on the same trip to Cost Plus World Market, when I raided their candy aisle for all the sweets I can’t find around where I live. Eager to try as much Katjes licorice as I could get my hands on, I nabbed these, but little did I know how much I’d love them. I should have bought more.

The name of these translates to “Kitten Paws” as the licorice pieces are small and round like cat feet. Again, terribly cute, and I can’t help but feel that “cute” is a great match for licorice. Really? Ever realize how much licorice is named after cute things? Kittens? Pandas? Bears? Scottie Dogs? Chalk? Buttons? I digress….


Katjes Katzen Pfotchen

The texture of these are much firmer than the Lakritz Batzen. Those were much softer and squishier, almost jelly-like. These are more dense and chewy, like a fruit snack. Thankfully, they aren’t sticky in the mouth at all, so they don’t annoy me and I can really enjoy the texture. The flavor is fantastic too, as it’s very sweet with nice molasses notes and a strong licorice flavor. It’s not as herbal as the Lakritz Batzen, much more on the sweet side than those, but they’re still lovely and really represent what an “ideally good licorice” tastes like.

I am buying a stash of these next time I see them on the shelves. They’re just too god to pass up. I find they’re also really good car candy, and they don’t melt easily, and they have good staying power in the mouth, especially if you suck on them instead of chewing them. If you’re a black licorice lover, you gotta try these.

Rating: Hoard


Links Katjes Website

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