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Might Eat Again

If I was desperate.


Trolli Big Bold Bears Bag

The other sampled that I received from Trolli included two new candies of theirs. This is always exciting, as it’s fun to think you’re getting a taste of them before they head into stores to sell. I was aware that Trolli made gummi products, but I don’t see their gummi bears around very often. Usually it’s Haribo, Black Forest, or a store brand I see. So Trolli has released these Big Bold Bears, which is a re-vamp of their classic gummi bears. Pretty neat!

These bears are, the package describes them, “4x larger than their classic bears” and “Loaded with Flavor”. This interests me because the major problem I have with gummi bears is that they were never flavorful enough for me. Sadly, I didn’t have any of the regular Trolli gummi bears on me so I couldn’t make a direct comparison of the size. I didn’t feel like going out hunting for them.

These bears come in all colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The back of the package lists the flavors: blue raspberry, wild cherry, grape, green apple, lemon-lime and orange.


Trolli Big Bold Bears

Let’s work our way down the colors:

Wild Cherry: Smells faintly of red. The gummi has a horribly medicinal taste to it, just like cough medicine. It’s very bitter and metallic, even though it finished with a juicy flavor.

Orange: Immediately tart and zesty. This is more like it. The orange flavor is bright and juicy and reminds me of tangerine flavors.

Lemon-Lime: This one is just lightly sweet. No real sourness or tartness. This is good for people who usually hate lemon flavors.

Green Apple
: The flavor is mild at first, then gradually grows into an apple flavor that reminds me of store bought apple pie mix. It’s sweet but has these strange “green” notes to it.

Blue Raspberry: Surprisingly tasty for a blue raspberry. Its taste like good blackberry jam. Color me surprised, I really liked this one.

Grape: This one is mild and flavorful. It taste more of muscat grapes with a juicy base with floral notes to it. Very taste, my second favorite after the blue raspberry.

I was pleased with these. The few I thought I’d like where actually the ones I liked least, and the ones I wasn’t looking forward to at all ended being extremely yummy. Just goes to show you need to try things in order to see if you like them.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Bag

Along with the free samples of Brach’s products, Farley and Sathers Candy Company sent me some new and classic Trolli candies. I remember loving these Sour Brite Crawlers as a kid. They are chewy, colorful, sweet, slightly sour and were fun to tie in knots. Most everything a kid looks for in a candy. These also have a fun decorative application too, I’ve seen many a birthday cake decorated with these tasty Crawlers. That being said, it’s been years since I’ve had them. So this is an excellent opportunity to revisit a childhood favorite.

The succinct way to describe these Sour Bite Crawlers is that they’re sour gummi worms, plain and simple. They have the form of a worm, or more accurately night crawlers, and each one has two flavors, one for each half. They’re coated with a sour sanded sugar, which gives them that sharp initial bite.


Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

As you can see they’re very attractive to look at.

Blue/Pink: Blue is blue raspberry. The flavor starts off sweet and fruity, then grows into an intensely tart sour berry flavor where you taste more sour than berry flavor. Its strikes me a the very standard “blue raspberry” taste from what I gather. Pink is strawberry, and it has more sweet notes that are reminiscent of bubble gum and jam. It has sourness to it, but thankfully nothing like the blue raspberry side.

Yellow/Red: Yellow is lemon, and right away has nice sour and zesty flavors. It has a tart edge, but the flavor still stands in the forefront. Red is very….red tasting. I’m trying to decide if it’s supposed to be cherry or fruit punch. I think it’s cherry, and thankfully it’s got a lot of fruity notes to it as opposed to being bitter and medicinal.

Orange/Green: Orange is orange, and it’s very lovely. It has rich, juicy flavors which remind me or orange juice with just the right touch of sourness to it. Green is lime, which surprises me since I thought it was watermelon when I had it last. No matter. This lime is zesty and tart, and has that funny “bathroom floor cleaner” flavor to it.

These were tasty, yet I can’t say if they’re what I reember exactly from childhood. My memory on these is far too fuzzy for that. They are enjoyable and I have many friends who buy these as regular favorites. I still like them, but not as much as I did when I was a kid. That’s probably because I can buy my own chocolate now, which is my favorite.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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Sweethearts Box

Sweethearts are the Valentine’s Day candy that everyone seems to know, but not many actually care to eat it. They’re a candy that’s strikes me as having more of a decorative purpose, which I know sounds silly cause part of candy’s job is to look pretty and enticing. But, candy should also be delicious, and for me personally, these Sweetheats never fell into that category.

I remember Sweethearts from my earliest years back in preschool. Back then, they were called “Conversation Hearts” and they were a popular candy to be passed around by my classmates, along with an array of paper valentines that we’d make for everyone in the class. Back then I couldn’t really tell you why I didn’t like them. I just…didn’t. I think it was mainly because it wasn’t chocolate as that was my favorite childhood sweet (it still is).

Swetthearts are little chalky heart shaped candy tablets.They’re about the size of a penny and have a matte color to them. The come in rainbow of colors which are purple, green, pink, yellow, orange and blue. These used to also have a white color but it seems like they were omitted this year.

On each candy tablet, there’s sweet and flirty messages printed on them. I only took a sampling of some of the messages, but I recorded were things like “Kiss Me”, “Shake It”, Tweet Me”, “For Ever:, “Race Me”, “Sweet Love” and “Soul Mate”. You get the idea.



The candy itself is extremely hard so it’s difficult to chew. Yes, they’re chalky like I always remembered them, but they’re also extremely hard. It takes a few moments of working in your mouth to even break the thing. 

So how do they taste? Purple is a very medicinal grape. Green is a very standard sour apple. Blue is this non descript flavor, kinda like cotton candy. Pink also starts like cotton candy or strawberry. Yellow is lemon, but very perfumey and fake tasting like floor cleaner. Orange is a mild citrus orange flavor. The ones ones I liked were orange and pink.

These flavors surprised me since I recall them being spice flavored as a kid. Turns out they were recently changed. I recommend checking out Cybele of’s original review of the Sweethearts and the new updated version I’m reviewing here.

So in conclusion, these were never a favorite of mine, but I’m sure they must have a fan base out there. They’re a great candy to have on hand for Valentines’s Day, even if you don’t plan on eating them. They’re still festive and fun to have around.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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Key Lime Coconut Patties

This was a gift from my sister who found it on one of her many culinary adventures in New York City. I’ve seen them around cyberspace and sometimes in Marshall’s candy aisle. I can’t tell you exactly why I haven’t picked them up myself, mainly it’s because I already had so much candy to deal with that I just didn’t bother. It’s good to know that something will eventually end up in my hands at some point, so I have many thanks to my sister for this review.

I love the packaging, it comes across as very tropical and fun to me. The greens really catch my eye, and the cartoon crocodile with the neon sunglasses. It makes me giggle.

The patties are flat, square, moist cakes of shredded coconut that are neon green the sides have been dipped in chocolate. It has this “stained glass” look with dark sides and a colored inside. it smells of coconut, with it’s fresh, tropical scent. I look at the ingredients and sadly he chocolate here is really mockolate.

The texture is very dense and moist, with the chew being thick and full of the coconut shavings. The flavor is first sweet from the chocolate, then the key limes flavor comes though with a lightly sour zesty note. You then taste the coconut with it’s sweet and nutty flavor, and it really marries the zesty lime and the sweet chocolate. It’s an interesting flavor, as the chocolate and the coconut remain center stage, yet the lime is a nice accent to it which really makes it taste unique.

So overall, they’re not too bad. They were tasty, but I wish it was real chocolate. If you’re a big tropical flavor/coconut fan, I recommend you give consider giving these a shot.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again




These Sidewinders were quite an impromptu find. I was at the Franklin Institute with some friends for the day, and we were killing some time in the gift shop. They had a bunch of “educational” candy stuff there, like rock candy and space food, none of which really appealed to me. Then I saw these by the checkout and decided to try them since they were pretty inexpensive. This was probably prompted by the fact I was marveling at the 3 foot long gummi snakes just beforehand, yet didn’t want to pay the price they were selling them for. I did get to go home with gummi/chewy snakes that day regardless.

I bought two of the Sidewinders, which are really big snakes. One is yellow and red, the other yellow, blue and purple. I really have no leads to go on in terms of texture and taste for these. Sometimes you gotta take that leap.

Yellow/Red: Smells like strawberry fruit leather. Very jammy and sweet. The gummi texture is kinda foamy and soft. The bite is very easily bitten through, there’s no give or substance to this gummi at all. The flavor took me by surprise, as the smell doesn’t match the flavor at all. The flavor is strong and juicy pineapple, with a tart juicy ege that comes across very authentic. It’s not too sweet, which is what many candy pineapple flavors are. Color me impressed, this is pretty good!

Yellow/Blue/Purple: This one smells…very floral with a tart edge to it. Something metallic and artificial. The flavor is…...soapy to start, I can get hints of pineapple from the yellow part, but the rest…blech, taste like soapy perfume. Gross.

So overall these were ok. One was really awesome and the other gross. I can’t bring myself to recommend them, but they were fun to try.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again


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