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Might Eat Again

If I was desperate.


Mocha Roca Package

I first heard of the Roca’s when I was sent a gift package from a friend in Seattle. They’re made by Brown & Haley, a company that’s local to the area and also manufacture the lesser-known Mountain Bars. Once I saw the packaging, I realized that I see these all the time in grocery and drug stores. I just haven’t paid them any attention until now. Sometimes all it takes is a nudge from a good friend to find something new.

There’s many different flavors of Roca: Peanut Roca, Cashew Roca, Mocha Roca, and the most popular is the Almond Roca. I’m sure I’m missing some.

The packet holds two little Rocas, and once the main packaging is off, you get the two pieces in separate wrapper, then again inside that they’re all rolled up in a nice coffee-colored foil wrapper. Each Roca looks like a little log, about the size of a chubby pinky finger. Taking toe foil off, it’s rolled in bits of nuts and chocolate and reminds me of the topping on toffee. The feel fairly solid in the palm of my hand too. They’re cute in a way, like little Wooly Bears caterpillars.

The pieces cleave easily when you bite down on them. The toffee has a smooth break and is very smooth. The flavor I found very odd as I haven’t tasted anything like it before. I first notice the nuts with the chocolate, then a strong buttery hit of the toffee. Yes, I realize I described most toffees right there, but that’s not the part that makes this a new taste experience for me. That’s when coffee comes in, and this is no mild coffee flavor. This is intense. So much so in fact that I really feel like I’m eating a cup of coffee with chocolate, whipped cream and nuts on top of the small dollop of whipped cream. It’s surreal, and very tasty. I like how this little thing has such a powerful, flavor packed punch.

I enjoyed these, and I like how they come in a variety of package sizes so you can get a whole tin of them, or just a small packed of two like I bought here. They go wonderfully with a hot drink and make a good sweet snack. The only thing is that so much of it gets stuck in my teeth, it may be too annoying for me to get again. We’ll see.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Roca Website



Starburst Sour Sweet Package

This twist of the Starburst was complete news to me when I saw it on the shelf in the store. A Sour & Sweet mix? Where did this come from? Poking around on the Starburst website, I noticed that they’re now listed under the “Sour” tab. It looks like these are the new replacement of the pre-existing Sour variety. I can’t see a reason for this, but then again I’m not a product developer or am analyzing sales figures. It just seems like it’s a change that’s more of a gimmick than anything.

The package is attractive with a nice red/green color scheme going on. The flavors are listed with nice illustrations on the side showing each of the fruits. I always chuckle at the image of the blue raspberry. The whole idea of this mix is that half of the flavors are sweet and the other sour. I found myself checking the flavors again because they don’t specify which are the sour ones and which are the sweet ones. Each flavor could be either in my opinion, and I’m not sure how I feel about not knowing which is which before actually eating them.


Starburst Sour Sweet II

Sweet Strawberry (maroon): The chew itself is light pink, like cotton candy. It smells fruity, plastic and medicinal. It’s comes across as very odd to me. The flavor is fruity, jammy and red strawberry. It’s a little floral and has a subtle tart edge to it.

Sweet Blue Raspberry: This chew is bright neon blue. Kinda scary! It smells sour and not much else, it’s very odd. Isn’t this supposed to be sweet flavor? The flavor is immediately zesty and not berry-like at all, at least not at first. It tastes like a zesty lemonade at the start, then the flavor mellows and becomes more berry. I’m reminded of pink lemonade.

Sour Apple (green): The color is light celedon green. This one smells very faintly of fake apple. Taking a bite, and whoo! This baby is really tart! My saliva glads really kicked into gear with this one. It’s tastes intensely of that artificial green apple. Jolly Rancher’s look out.

Sour Watermelon (pink): Light pink in color, practically identical to the strawberry flavor. It smells of that standard fake watermelon flavor with notes of raspberries, cantaloupe, and some flowers. Again, the taste is really juicy and sour. The flavor has a little sweetness to it, but I do taste more sour. Maybe that’s what the name is getting at? Each flavor is a bit of both?

So it’s hard to say what I think of these. I’m a big fan of the traditional Starburst, and sometimes I’ll opt for the Baja California and Tropical flavors. I never really went for the Sour ones though, so as much as I’d like to say I’d miss them, I really don’t. This roll is tasty, but not tasty enough to get me to stray from my favorites.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Starburst Website


Hello Kitty Lollipop I

Now is this a cool novely candy idea or what? I normally don’t fall for candy gimmicks, as I’m a purist. I want candy to eat and that’s about it. However when I saw this Hello Kitty Glow Lollipop, I couldn’t help but notice how interesting of an idea it was. Unlike other novelty candies I’ve seen, the toy leftover is, well, useful. And it’s Hello Kitty. 

The lollipop comes in a carton pink tube about the size of lipstick, with the Hello Kitty decal on top which glows when you press a button on the handle. The Hello Kitty head makes for a very comfortable grasping point when you hold the lollipop. The design is nice as it indicates you can suck on it a little and put it back in the case and continue eating it later if you felt like it. I’m not sure what purpose the light is supposed to serve, other than amuse or annoy someones. It’s sadly not very bright on Hello Kitty’s face. 


Hello Kitty Lollipop II

The flavor says strawberry to me right away. The tube format really reminds me of a push pop, except a little bigger and without the freaky neon colors. The strawberry flavor is unique, I haven’t taste one like this before. It’s very berry-like, sweet, and has nice floral notes. What’s different is I taste a little melon and grapefruit in there, yet it doesn’t stand out on it’s own, but contributes and mixes with the floral notes and it comes out as strawberry. Interesting.

Very unique, tasty, and unexpectedly complex for a lollipop. Plus I get to keep the light up container. It might serve as a good light for my purse in a pinch.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again



Brach's Spice Drops Package

I love spice beans, so I was curious to give those purposely looked over spice gumdrops of my youth a try. The Brach’s variety are lovely, coming in six different colors/flavors, but no mention as to what exactly those flavors are! The drops themselves are beautiful. They have a great tall dome shape with a even coating of granulated sugar. The quality control on these must be really tight, since I didn’t get a single “deformed” one in the whole bag, most impressive!  The texture is fantastic too, a good chew that isn’t too hard or soft. It’s a little sticky, but not overly so. Literally the ideal gumdrop. The granular sugar coating is also terribly fine, it feels and melt just right on your tongue. I believe I’m falling in love!

White: A light fresh wintergreen. Lovely all around.

Green: A bright zesty peppermint! My mouth felt immediately clean.

Red: I can’t place this one. I was expecting cinnamon, but it doesn’t taste hot or spice at all. It just tastes….red.

Orange: Orange. Surprised? I was! I wasn’t expecting a fruity flavor. It’s a good juicy flavor, reminds me of the orange slices Brach’s makes.

Yellow: Spicy, more like a cinnamon/allspice combination. A little hot, but has a good woodsy herbal essence to it.

Purple: It took a few moments of chewing before the flavor came out> It’s clove, but not a “spicy” clove. Instead it’s very creamy and sweet. A pleasant and tasty surprise.

I looked up these flavors on the website afterward to find this out:

“Brach’s(R) Spice Drops are jelly candies in six different flavors and colors sanded in sugar for an enhanced flavor experience. The flavor varieties include; Orange, lemon, cherry, mint, grape and licorice. Make Spice Drops an everyday personal treat, share them in your favorite candy dish or surprise and delight in baking and decorating.”

I find it interesting how the lemon and grape flavors tasting more like spice than fruit to me. Maybe they were tainted by the other spicy flavors in the package? Who knows. Regardless if I was able to correctly identify the flavors, there were really tasty and I am definitely going to finish this bag.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Brach’s Spice Drops Website



Sweettarts Bunnies Package

I know, I know. Why am I reviewing more SweeTart candies if I’m not a fan of them? Let’s just say sometimes curiosity gets the best of me and I like to take one of the team. I noticed these by chance in one of the smaller Easter candy bins on the very bottom shelf. I was immediately drawn in by how extremely colorful they were, so into the bag they went.

I was instantly delight by them once I opened the package, for many reasons. They have a nice bouncy chew, and the sugar coating gives it a little texture that feels sandy, but not grainy.  The actual form of these candies are really cute, they’re obviously bunnies and the mold for these is very pleasing. The form is recognizable without being too detailed, and the proportions are nice too. I don’t feel the bunnies are overly deformed (like gummi bears with the giant heads). The ears are the best feature. So cute! Probably one of the most adorable Easter candies I’ve encountered yet.


Sweettarts Bunnies I

Pink: I can’t lay my finger on this flavor. It’s a little strawberry, a little cherry and a little watermelon. It was a little sweet, a little tart…and lot of “little"s huh? It has a nice red fruity flavor with a good sweet tarty zest to it.

Orange: Very tart orange flavor. It’s strong in the beginning, but then mellows into a light sweet flavor.

Yellow: Lemon, but very floral and soapy tasting.

Green: It tastes subtly of apple, like a nice tart cider. Mainly it’s just sweet with a tarty edge.

Blue: I expected this to taste of blue raspberry, but what a surprise to find that it tasted like a fruity Hawaiian punch! Must be the same blue punch flavor as the jelly bean from yesterday’s review. It’s got a good sour note, with flavors of apple, grape, banana and orange all mixing around. It’s lovely.

Purple: Has a very floral, grape soda like essence. The tartness and the strength of the grape flavor grows as you eat it, which I found interesting. Usually it’s the other way around. I think the tart and grape work really well together.

I liked these a lot better than the jelly bean version. The texture and cute shape certainly play a big part in that though, as opposed to the flavors winning me over. I didn’t finish the bag and ended up sharing them with friends instead.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

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