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So bad I couldn't finish it.


Lucky Country Marionberry Licorice Bag

Lucky Country is a brand licorice I see around often. I haven’t bought their black licorice and strawberry licorice to review for the blog yet. To be fair I should, but I haven’t been in a big licorice mood recently. This will probably sound strange since I am reviewing some licorice today, but it was the flavor of this licorice that was the deciding factor to buy it. I have a favorite yogurt brand that makes a Marionberry flavor that I really love, so I was excited to see it in licorice form.

I have to star this review buy saying that I got a strange comment about these from the cashier when I was buying them. She picked up the bag to scan it and comment “Oooh, these. These are interesting”. She said this in a tone that was not cheerful or happy. I laughed and asked her what she meant, and she replied “You’ll know when you taste them”. I also found that comment odd, and shrugged it off thinking she obviously wasn’t a fan. I didn’t realize that I was going to completely agree with her.

When I took the candy to photograph it, opening the bag was very informative to what the cashier said. The licorice is a very deep purple color and smells like flowers. Not perfume, but flowers. There’s something very sweet and floral about it. It’s hard to lay my finger on it. It kinda reminds me of “grandma” bath soap. It’s an interesting smell to say the least.

The pieces of licorice look nice at least. They’re like obese Twizzlers. They have a swizzle swirl to them and come in shirt, thick pieces. 

The flavor is….similar to the smell. There’s a slight berry flavor hidden in there, but it only shows up once in a while. The rest of it is this overpowering floral taste. It reminds me of a flower scratch and sniff sticker. It’s really strange. I couldn’t even eat it, I had to spit this one out. Gross.

I wish I could comment on the texture of this, but I was so focused on the strange flavor that I couldn’t even have a thought on it.

So this licorice was a real gross find. I couldn’t even eat the one piece I had to taste. I feel really bad saying this, since this is my first Lucky Country review and I know that their other flavors are nice (I’ve had them at trade shows). I really feel like I should get other flavors now just to redeem their brand for my blog. As far as this flavor goes, it’s really best to avoid it. 

Rating: Inedible



Links Lucky Country Licorice Webpage



Rococo Chocolate: Orange & Geranium

This chocolate bar is a gift from my sister upon returning from a trip to Scotland. She knows that anything unique catches my eye, and that’s what prompted her thoughtful gift of this Rococo “Orange & Geranium” chocolate bar.

For a chocolate bar, it’s beautifully packaged. A orange wrapper with geometric shapes and a blue and white logo with hand written ink script in indigo ink. Has a very exotic and antique feel to it.

The bar is a minimum 65% dark chocolate, which is stated on the back of the wrapper by the ingredients. So really it lies in my favorite chocolate % (I prefer the 50% to 70% range). The wrapper has a long paragraph on it that explains the artistic nature of the chocolate bar. I was going to wait to read it so I could paraphrase it for you all here, but then I decided I didn’t care much for what they said, so I doubt you would too. Lets just say they put a lot of thought into the flavors of this bar.

Opening the bar the chocolate has a wonderful red/brown color to it and a pretty sheen. The aroma is extremely powerful with strong hints of spices and flowers. It’s intense and reminds me of a perfume shop.

The flavor is…sadly just as strange as it smells. It’s overwhelmingly soapy with flavors I can’t really describe but I know they’re flowery and strong. I don’t taste any orange at all in here, just this odd, odd taste.

I couldn’t take more than a bite of it since the flavor is just too much like soap. I couldn’t bear it. The additions to the chocolate just overpowered the flavors so much that it really ruined it for me. I hope to try some of their other flavor varieties sometime so my opinion is tainted by this one bar.

Rating: Inedible



Links Rococo Chocolate’s Website


Junior Mints Pastels Box

Ooooo, another limited edition candy based on different colors! There’s been a few like these in the past, most standard candies have color variants for the holidays. Some do color variations for movie tie-ins. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen any, so I was surprised to see these at the local Dollar Tree. Considering that a lot of the Dollar Tree candy tends to be close to or past the expiration date on the package (or at least, from what I’ve noticed) I’m willing to bet these were a spring release earlier this year. I never actually saw them in the store, so I can’t say for sure.

Well, to be honest, there isn’t really anything special about these Pastel Junior Mints. They’re really just are regular Junior Mints but in pastel yellow and blue mockolate shells. That’s it. And I gotta admit, these candies don’t look good in these colors. You know how you have a friend who just looovees wearing that special puke green shirt, but it looks terrible on him? Well, that’s the case of these candies. These new colors make them appear special, but they look awful.


Junior Mints Pastels

The cracks in the shell are very visible with the new colors. So the candies end up looking beat up and unkempt. The taste the same as regular Junior Mints do. Strongly of mint with that creamy center, and a hint of chocolate from the mockolate outsides.

So, I can’t quite find a reason to recommend these, They look gross and they taste the same as the regular Junior Mints. Maybe if they were on sale or something? I don’t know. Try these if you dare, or if a color change would be something you’d get a kick out of.

Rating: Inedible



Links Junior Mint Web page


The Chocolate Traveler 70% Tin Open

This is a chocolate that I’ve seen around many places, and it always caught my eye because of the interesting packaging. The chocolate comes in an adorable round tin with a couple on it and a plane, obviously ready to explore the world together. The tin is slim and light and makes this a great keepsake once the chocolate is gone. 

The chocolate inside is split into separated individual pie wedges, so it’s easy to take a piece and store it for later. Or if you feel like it, share it. I like how convenient and accessible this package makes the chocolate discs. What can I say, I’m a sucker for design.

Chocolate Traveler 70%:

The chocolate here is the standard Belgian chocolate processed with alkali (meaning it had chemicals added to make it less acidic) and just has sugar and soya lecithin added to it. No vanilla or milk, which is nice since this is meant to be a dark chocolate. The chocolate has strong notes of cocoa, coffee, vanilla, caramel and cream. The break of the chocolate seems unusually soft to me, especially considering it’s 70% chocolate. The mouth feel is very smooth and creamy.

The flavor is very mild right off and I’m immediately reminded of Belgian chocolates of my childhood: very sweet and not much chocolate flavor at all. I get no stages of flavor, no nuances of anything, just straight sweetness. The finish and aftertaste, however, are very odd. I taste trees, muck and mold. Ew.

After trying and being terribly disappointed with the 70%, I ran into two other flavors a few weeks later. Once again I was lured by the cool tins and decided to see if the flavored varities improved on the chocolate. Once purchased and opened for tasting, I was immediately diappointed. Both tins are bloomed! Ashen in color and sugary in places. Is this a bad batch or a packaging problem? I won’t to buy more to find out.


The Chocolate Traveler: Raspberry

Raspberry: The chocolate has a hard snap. Upon my first bite I’m immediately hit with this odd, fake raspberry flavor. It tastes odious, with notes of fake perfume which could be “raspberry” in another universe. Only at the end do you get flavor from the chocolate, and it’s sweet and reminds me of the flat flavor of cocoa powder. Blech.


The Chocolate Traveler: Tiramisu

Tiramisu: This one smells warm and of vanilla. I get no hints of coffee, which is a major ingredient in Tiramisu. I cautiously take a my first bite and find that this one is somewhat edible. It has strong, creamy vanilla flavors, but no real depth. It’s a very superficial chocolate flavor and I feel like I’m eating a sold hot cocoa mix. I was feeling a bit relieved at this point, but then I got this odd, chemically aftertaste in the chocolate which just made me spit it out.

This is a classic example of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Visually these hold such promise, but I am not in any hurry to torture my taste buds with bland sub-par chocolate again anytime soon. No matter how cute the packaging is.

Rating: Inedible



Links The Chocolate Traveler Website


E.Wedel Chaewa Vanilla

Ah, another E. Wedel mystery halvah bar. I bought this with the Fruit ‘n Nut one I had reviewed yesterday. I obviously wouldn’t have bought another after how horrid the other proved to be. But, since I had taken this one home too, it was my duty as a candy blogger to give it the benefit of the doubt and give it a try. 

I can only guess it’s supposed to be vanilla flavored from the image on the wrapper.

Here is the jist if it: the bar smells lightly of nuts. It has the same flaky, soft texture as the Fruit ‘n Nut version, but this one is also horribly greasy. The taste is a little sweeter and less like inedible substances. Still, nothing about it strikes me as vanilla or anything pleasant.

Please, for the sake of your taste buds, leave this one in the store.

Rating: Inedible




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