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Skittles Riddles

Skittles Riddles are the newest flavor release. My package was a gift from my fiance, his work had a box of them in the office and he brought me one home. I had no idea they had hit shelves yet, so I was super appreciative to have him bring me some. So thoughtful!

The package is very bright and colorful in typical Skittles fashion. The package is bright teal this time (my photograph up there lies) and it works beautifully with the rainbow color scheme of the candies.

So what exactly are Skittles Riddles? They’re Skittles where the flavors and the colors are all mismatched. It’s Skittles Roulette. You don’t know what flavor will be what!

I do appreciate how they list the flavors to expect on the back. They made my tasting job a tad easier.

Strawberry: This one tastes like the typical Skittles strawberry flavor. Sweet, berry like and very “pink” tasting.

Apple: This one tastes of green apple right away. It’s that terrible typical slight sour Jolly Rancher apple flavor. Blech.

Punch: I am guessing that this one I am eating is punch. It’s zesty and has a lot of citrus flavors in it. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Hawaiian Punch in flavor too. I like it a lot. 

Raspberry: Starts off very sweet then kicks in with intense notes of red berries. It does remind me of raspberries.

Watermelon: This one is sweet and tangy at the same time,and has that fake watermelon flavor. This was the last ones I tasted. It’s hard to separate it from all the other flavors.

I found tasting these Skittles annoying. I know they each flavor is supposed to be a mystery, but I found I kept encountering the same flavors over and over again and had a hard time finding variety. These were the typical Skittles flavors all over again just…repackaged and re-colored. So if you’re not into matching colors and flavors, these might be fun for you. I just found it annoying.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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Pineapple Gummis

One of the few things that I wish the candy world had more of is pineapple gummis. I love pineapple candy so much! I feel I don’t see it often enough. The only true “mainstream” candy that I can think of that is pineapple flavored is in the Lifesavers roll. Or used to be? I can’t even remember anymore since they’ve switched those flavors up so much over the years. Regardless, pineapple candy is awesome, so I was super excited to see these pineapple gummies on the shelf when I made my recent visit to Mitsuwa Market.

The package is a good size, just enough for yourself without being to much. The gummies looks like little wedge pineapple slices and the’re very cute. They smell extremely tropical and fruity. The gummis are soft to the touch, they squish lightly when you lightly squeeze them They almost look like they have a shell or “crust” on them.

The texture is very strange. I’d say it’s more like a jelly than a gummi. I was right as there is a shell texture to this. The outside is slightly harder and grainier, and inside is a smooth, pristine jelly. The flavor is incredible. It tastes just like a real, fresh pineapple. They really capture the juicy, fruity, sweet flavors here. These are a little tart, as it reminds me of pineapple juice, so there’s a bit of bite to them. Still, they’re simply amazing in regard to their flavor.

I really loved these gummies, even though the texture is a bit strange. Even though my fiance absolutely loved the texture, so it just goes to show it’s all opinion based! I just wish I could find flavors like this more often.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again



Jelly Belly Dips Wild Cherry

It took me a bit to get a hold of the new Jelly Belly Chocolate Dips. I was sent samples by the company, but they were sent to the wrong address by accident and they disappeared on me. So, instead, I waited until I could buy them in stores by myself. I must confess that I bought them when I first saw them, and that was a few months ago now. I photographed all the packaged and the candies, then, I started to mindlessly nibble on them and once I got around to review them. I only had the “Very Cherry” flavor left. Whoops.

These “Very Cherry” Jelly Belly Chocolate Dips claim to the Jelly Belly we all know and love, just covered in rich dark chocolate. Yes, it is real dark chocolate too. I checked the ingredients list.

The beans are pretty to look at. They’re the same size as normal jelly belly beans, perhaps just a bit larger. The bag smells of sweet chocolate with no hint of the Jelly Belly flavor at all. The chocolate has a bright gloss to it, so the beans are very shiny and attractive.

The jelly beans taste pretty awesome. They are soft and chewy, and the chocolat melts easily in your mouth. The flavor is sweet of the chocolate at first. it’s slightly chocolately and i felt it really just fell aside compared to the actual jelly bean flavor. The cherry flavor is intense and delightful. It’s jammy and fruity and really is the prominent flavor. the chocolate really just compliments it with some sweetness. The cherry flavor pairs well with the chocolate and it’s a fun combination.

From what I can remember, the Orange variety of the Chocolate Dips is similar to the cherry bean. The chocolate is nice, but the orange flavor really overshadows it. The orange is bright and citrusy, and pairs with the sweetness of the chocolate beautifully. Sadly that’s all I remember!

If you’re a Jelly Belly lover and are looking for something a little more substantial, or if you’re looking for something that’s just a tad different, these are the beans for you. I enjoyed them a lot, and I think these will be incorporated into my Easter candies this year.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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Brach's Jelly Nougats

There’s a lot of candies that feel “timeless” to me. A lot of Brach’s candies fall into that category for me. These Jelly Nougats are certainly one of them. It seems like I’ve always seen them around in grocery store bins. One thing I’ve noticed since moving to Los Angeles is that I don’t’ see these Brach’s bins in the stores here, which make me a little sad since I’m so accustomed to see them. was kind enough to write me and offer some candy samples for me to review. I was super excited to see they carried these Jelly Nougats since it’s been so long since I’ve seen them sold anywhere. I immediately selected a few and eagerly awaited for their arrival.

Upon arriving, I immediately opened the bag as I was excited to finally try one after all these years. They are as pretty as I remember them. They’re slightly rectangular little blocks that have a creamy vanilla colored base with bright chucks of jelly in them. Often in tones of ruby, orange and yellow. I tried to squish them a little with my fingers and the nougat has no give to it. I was a little worried that they were a tad old since they felt so rock hard.

The candy smells sweet with a hint of vanilla. Taking a bite I was relieved to find that these are actually pretty soft to bite into. My teeth easily took a bite of the candy off and it softened even more as I chewed it. The flavor is creamy and has a soft, barely there vanilla flavor. It has slight fruity notes from the jellies. I get some “red” flavors, while others are more orange and even lemon. It’s a nice mix of flavors, and it’s very delicate and not overpowering at all.

I really enjoyed these, but since they’re such a “stranger” candy because of the intense chew and subtle flavors, I don’t think they’re for everyone. I really appreciate how unique these candies are, so I will always be excited to see them. Since they are on the rarer side, if you seem them, it’s not a bad idea to give them a try.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Brach’s Website


David's Signature "Beyond Gourmet" Jelly Beans

As a candy enthusiast, it’s important for me to not only taste candies and love doing so. It also entails knowing a lot of the history behind the candies. Anyone who knows anything about candy knows the name David Klein. He’s the man who invented the Jelly belly jelly bean, and is the focus of a documentary call “CandyMan”. It’s a really good documentary if you haven’t seen it, and what I’m reviewing today are David’s newest jelly bean.

At first I was skeptical of the “Beyond Gourmet” in the name of these jelly beans. Gourmet is such a trendy word to throw around nowadays, especially in regard to food products. ONe look at the flavor list of these jelly beans and I immediate got why they’re named in such a way:

David's Signature "Beyond Gourmet" Jelly Beans

Bacon? Ginger? Himalayan Sea salt? Yes, these jelly beans are definitely thinking outside the box.

I had some trouble with the packaging, as the little wells inside the box didn’t contain my jelly beans very well. When I first opened them they had all amassed as a giant colorful pile at the bottom and I had to sort them back into their original spaces. That was harder than it sounds, as some of the jelly beans, mainly the Cranberry, Pomegranate, Black Cherry and Grape are pretty close in color.

Upon opening the box and looking inside, you can see how gorgeous the beans are:


David's Signature "Beyond Gourmet" Jelly Beans

Enough with the looking, let’s get on with the tasting!

Bacon: I admit I was skeptical of this flavor. I know “meat” flavored jelly beans have been attempted before, and there’s bacon jelly beans that I’ve seen around yet I haven’t’ tried any of them. The bean is a cream colored with brown speckling on it. It has no aroma. The flavor starts off very spicy and smokey. It actually does taste like bacon! It has a pork flavor with a lot of smoke to it. Of course there’s some sweetness to it. I have to admit, I love bacon, and tasting it in a jelly bean is bizarre. Tasty, but bizarre.

Black Cherry: This flavor is awesome. It’s deep, very complex flavor. It’s sweet, it has notes of jam and and it’s all back cherry. Extremely authentic, totally delicious.

Blueberry: This flavor is a little strange to me. It has intense berry notes right at the beginning, and about halfway though does the true blueberry flavor comes out. When it does, boy, it’s the real thing. Yum!

Coconut: This flavor is outstanding. It tastes like real coconut flakes. It has this extra tier of flavor that really makes this taste who and authentic. So awesome, one of the best flavors in this box.

Cranberry: This flavor was very tasty. It’s tart, zesty and has the “bite” that cranberries have. It’s a taste tha tworks really well in jelly bean form. Delicious!

Ginger: This one is spicy and fun. it has the very typical ginger “burn” to it, and it’s like taking a swig of an authentic ginger ale. It’s like eating real crystallized ginger.

Grape: The flavor is very floral for grape. I get notes of concord grape and jam in there. It’s a very tasty bean.

Green Apple: This flavor is fun. It’s starts off wit ha floral edge then immediately blossoms into apple. I’m surprised that it tastes so authentic. It’m immediately reminded of those dried apple slices that just pop with flavor.

Himalayan Sea Salt: This one is really unique. It has a sweetness to it, that’s very plain and has no essence to it. The salt flavor is really awesome, it balances beautifully with the sweetness. A really different and delightful bean.

Lemon: I was looking forward to this flavor so much. It’s exactly everything I hoped it would be. It’s tart. It’s zest and it’s completely refreshing. The lemon flavor it out of this world. I love it so much!

Orange Punch: This flavor is so much fun. It’s bright and punchy with notes of oranges and tangerines. It’s sweet, it’s tart and full of citrus flavor. So wonderful.

Peach: This is a fun flavor. It’s perfectly preach. I get notes of peaches, and oddly, plumeria. It’s a very juicy, fresh flavor. One of my favorites!

Pomegranate: This flavor was hard to pin down. Pomegranate is a very vague flavor to me. it tastes very fruity and red, with a nice tartness to it. It’s very delicious and refreshing because of the tartness.

Root Beer: This jelly bean is my absolute favorite out of the whole box. I have never tasted a more delicious root bear candy than this jelly bean. It is absolutely outstanding. The flavor stats with subtle spice and wintergreen notes and then quickly blossoms into a creamy, rich root beer flavor. Amazing!

Strawberry: This flavor is really great. it tastes exactly like a sweet strawberry jam. Often candy strawberry flavors just come across as “pink” or “red”, but this flavor has completely captured the fruit.

Vanilla Bean: This bean is so delicious! It tastes like melted vanilla ice cream. It’s so flavorful. This bean even has the bleck flecks on vanilla in it. So yummy!

I was really impressed with all these flavors. The “beyond gourmet” title is certainly well earned. These flavors taste amazing and incredibly authentic, even more so than it’s Jelly Belly ancestors, and they take that little extra step into new “gourmet” territory with the ginger, bacon and Himalayan Sea salt flavors. Just, wow. My fiance and I both really adored these jelly beans, and we hope to order some of their other jelly beans at some point. The “wasabi” and “thai chili” flavors just call to us, we want to try them! Bravo David Klein, bravo!

Rating: Hoard



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