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Hard Candy


Les Gourmandises de Sophie

One of my best friends when to France over the summer and was thoughtful enough to bring back a treat for me. So today’s review I’m writing about the gift she gave to me, Les Gourmandises de Sophie. They came in a little clear plastic bucket that has a top that snaps off easily. There’s an ample amount of candies in there, so you certainly get your moneys worth. The label on the bottom of the container reads: “Violette (bonbon de sucre cuit)”. I don’t speak any French, but it’s very clear that these are violet hard candies. I’ve never had anything violet flavored before, so I’m very much looking forward to trying these.

The candies are gorgeous to look at. They’re shaped like violet flowers and they’re a beautiful deep purple colored. They have raised lines on them that have turned white due to being stressed and tossed around. This really accents the flowers and their wonderful shape of the candies. The purple color is nice and rich, with good tones of blue in it, like real violet. Sadly the candies have no aroma, but hard candies seldom do.


Les Gourmandises de Sophie: Flowers

The flavor starts our incredible juicy surprisingly enough. The taste if that of blackberry jam, it’s a very rich flavor. The blackberries are accented with some pleasant tartness, and then there’s an herbal aftertaste. The aftertaste is part pine and part perfume. There’s something definitely floral about it. The hard candy’s texture is very nice, as it melts evenly and doesn’t break off into shark shards that cut your mouth. I found myself reach for one after the other of these. They are terribly delicious! 

I was really surprised by these, they’re way tastier than I would have ever imagined. It’s sad in a way that I can’t buy more myself, but I’m sure they’re just a Google search away. I’ve been trying to coax my husband to try them too, but I think he’s put off by the fact they’re flower flavored. No matter more for me! It just goes to show you never know what you’ll like, you just have to try them!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


TicTac Strawberry Fields

Tic Tacs are a candy that I always enjoyed and was fascinated with when I was a kid. I loved how all my friend’s Moms seemed to carry them in their purses. Pulling them out while at soccer games and hearing that familiar shaking should as a Tic Tac tumbled into your hand. It was a point in time where I didn’t bother to learn the flavors, as I think I was too young to read these at some points. So I knew them as the “white ones” or the “green ones”. The “orange ones” were my favorite. 

Now fast forward to the present where I do buy the occasional box of Tic Tacs, but usually it’s a new flavor that draws me in. As far as my childhood fascination goes, I surprisingly don’t buy them much. Now here is the newest flavor I found on store shelves, Tic Tac Strawberry Fields.

The Tic Tacs come in two colors, one a light pink and the other a more traditional pink-pink. Oddly enough when I checked the website, they make note of this being a “strawberry and cream” flavor even though I don’t see that anywhere on the package.

The candies smell just sweet, mostly of marshmallows. The packaging design is pretty with strawberry vines with ripe berries on them frame the tic tac logo. the green vines accented with the red strawberries is very pretty.

The flavor starts out tasting like the aroma; of vanilla marshmallow. Then a sweet, berry flavor develops. As it grows it tastes more and more like strawberry. As it hits its apex I’m strongly reminded of strawberry jam. It’s sweet, fruity, with a light floral note to it. It’s a lot of flavor for just one little Tic Tac. I’m impressed. The only thing is I don’t taste any “cream” in there that the website suggests. Just to be sure, I tried both color several times to see if the flavor was any different between the two. The only thing I notcied was the pink’s flavor appeared more quickly than the light pink one.

I liked these a lot. I know I don’t have Tic Tacs often, but I’d imagine a new flavor added to the mix is very refreshing. So adding some strawberry into your Tic Tac cycle, you won’t be disappointed. I liked having this bow in my purse for moments when I needed a quick flavor pick me up.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Tic Tac Website


World's Hottest Candy

~~Today I’m, yet again, trying something new. My fiance, who is a big chili head, ordered some chili candies that are made with extremely hot peppers. Now, I can take a pretty good dose of hotness in my foods, but even these were a little out of my league. I asked he he wouldn’t mind doing a guest review of these candies for me, and he happily obliged! Enjoy!~~~ 

I had first seen these Vertigo Chili Candies reviewed by Ted Barrus on his YouTube channel. I am genuinely a fan of his videos and opinions and credit him with adding many spicy products to our pantry. These particular candies are made in Brooklyn, NY and I ordered them directly from their website. All of their products proudly feature their namesake, the Bhut Jolokia. You may have heard of this formidable pepper under its more common name ‘The Ghost Chili’.

I decided to start slowly and try their Watermelon variety first. Both packets contain about an ounce of candy and I’d estimate that to be about fifteen pieces. After opening the package I gave it a good sniff expecting to encounter chili right away, but was surprised to smell only watermelon. It wasn’t as punchy as, say, a bag of watermelon Jolly Ranchers but its in the same ball pack. The candies themselves were rectangles that seemed to vary in size from about a 1/4 inch wide to some nearly 3/4 and definitely hints at their ‘small batch, handmade’ formula. They are mostly black with a bright green stripe down the middle.

As I popped one in my mouth I wondered about how long it would take for the chili to ‘hit’. To my surprise the first thing that I tasted was the watermelon. They really do have a nice watermelon flavor. After about ten seconds though I started to feel the burn of the Jolokia. For those readers who have never tried a ghost chili I find them to have a very ‘sharp’ heat, like lots of tiny needles. While that’s just been my experience with them I’ve had a few friends agree. The candy seemed to hit its peak at about the 45 second to one minute mark and from then on it was a steady, intense heat that lasted as long as you were willing to hold the piece in your mouth. If you enjoy spicy food at all, these would probably be a good treat if you wanted a pick-me-up during the day. Warning here: don’t try to crunch these babies, the heat will bite you back for it as you’ve just exposed lots more surface area.

Now for our main event, our title fight….the Vertigo. I was a bit afraid to these to tell you the truth as I’d seen what they could do to some chili veterans on YouTube. After reading the ingredients its easy to see why their reputation precedes them. They contain five separate chilies and out of them the ghost chili is the MILDEST. Compared to the watermelon variety, this package smells like pure pepper when you tear the seam open. The size of the bits remain the same except the welcoming green stripe is replaced with a bright orange-red. These guys….mean BUSINESS.

So it was with great caution that I dropped one into my mouth. I’d venture to say that you get about 5-10 seconds of ‘Oh well that’s not SO bad’ before the heat cranks up, and let me tell you, these go 0-60 faster than an Enzo Ferrari. I was honestly staggered at the heat level that a half inch piece of hard candy could deliver. These are violently hot! Beads of sweat formed on my forehead, my knees became a bit wobbly, and I had to sit down and concentrate on the task at hand. This is not a candy….this is a CHALLENGE! The heat was unrelenting; as long as I dared to hold on to that little chunk it brought more and more fire to the party. Even after they completely dissolve (which seems an eternity!) you’re still going to feel them for good while longer. In my case it took about 30 minutes for the burn to wear off, and even then I was acutely aware of what had happened.

Overall I’d give both of these candies high praises! They both showcase the power of these peppers very well and produce mounds of heat with no artificial additives. I’m a big fan of natural heat that boy do these deliver! I’d consider the watermelon variety a solid everyday snack for the chili enthusiast. However, save the Vertigo’s for that special occasion that you want to push your boundaries. And trust me, that moment WILL come, where you’ll look over at the black package, and dare yourself to do it again.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Vertigo Chili Candy Website


IBC Root beer Barrels I

One food thing that people I know pick up on quickly that aside from being “really into candy” I also am a big fan of root beer. I am not a big soda drinker at all. I maybe have a soda once every 4-5 months if that, but I am just rabid for root beer. That’s why when offered me samples, I immediately looked to see if they carried the IBC root beer floats hard candies that I’ve had a hard time finding. I was in luck because sure enough they did, so I asked if I could have a few for the review.

There’s a difference between the IBC root beer barrels and the IBC root beer floats. The floats, that I have here, have a vanilla section of the hard candy to mimic the ice cream. It does add an extra flavor element while keeping the authenticity of root beer. Who doesn’t love a root beer float?

The flats are about the size of a pecan. The edges are round so there’s no sharp edges to catch on your mouth. The vanilla half and the root beer half are split pretty close to 50/50. The cellophane wrapper with the IBC root beer logo in red is simple and attractive.

The candy smells slightly spicy. The flavor starts out sweet, them blossoms into that full root beer flavor. Woodsy notes of spice, wintergreen, anise and cola all mix together to make this really fantastic rich root beer flavor. The vanilla float side adds a creaminess to the flavor and really smooths the flavor out. Its so wonderful!

I love these IBC root beer floats. They really are an extremely versatile and delicious candy. I’d like to make a batch of root beer cupcakes and use these as a decorative top. I also love keeping these in my purse for long days at work and long car drives to help keep my focus. Plus they’re so tasty! I must for any root beer lover out there. 

Rating: Hoard



Links IBC Root Beer Floats at



Tootsie Pop Drops Peppermint Box

Tootsie Pop Drops are a candy I really enjoy and definitely don’t buy enough. I spotted these Candy Cane Tootsie Pop Drops in Target and eagerly snatched them up. Holiday candies are so much fun! I was excited to see these since Tootsie came out with the peppermint Tootsie Pops a few yard ago, and those were really awesome. I haven’t seen them recently, nor have I really looked for them either, but I have hoped they’d bring them back since they were a wonderful flavor combination. So seeing these Candy Cane Tootsie Pop Drops made my little candy heart happy. It’s good to see something you feel is classic on the candy shelves.

The box is pretty with a nice red/green color motif with images of candy canes and the actual Tootsie. The background to the box is pink, which I find to be an odd color choice, but I will admit that it really works well with the holiday motif of this package. They have a beautiful illustration of the candies in the bottom corner that I find appealing, and after seeing the candy firsthand, I feel they’re an accurate depiction of them. The box has a foil package on the inside that keeps the candies safe. I was happy to see them taking this extra step in making sure these drops are well protected from moisture and brute force.

The candy candy drops are adorable. They’re about the size of a nickel and are around 1/2 inch tall. They’re white with beautiful red stripes on them, and no two look a like. Th candies are well protected too, most were pristine and there wasn’t too much “dust” in the foil packet from candy damage. 

Tootsie Pop Drops Peppermint

The flavor is exactly like a candy cane. Fresh and full of that intense peppermint flavor. The shape s very pleasing in your mouth.  After sucking on them for a bit, or if you’re me you swish it around in your mouth because candies like this are fun) you get it to soften and eventually break so you can get the tootsie interior. The Tootise inside is soft, chewy and chocolatey.  It blends well with the peppermint flavoring adding a nice sweetness, yet the peppermint is still very powerful and is still the dominant flavor.

I really enjoyed these. I’d certainly go for a box of these over traditional mints or a candy cane. They’re small enough to feel like a quick little sweet, but big enough to feel like a treat if you’re just looking for a mint.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Tootsie Website


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