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milk chocolate


Fiat and Fiat Noir

Fiat was a candy find that I really just stumbled across in one of the many gourmet stores all over Los Angeles. In this specific one my boyfriend and I popped in because they’re supposed to have outstanding burgers, but I also found some cool candy in their store while I waited. One of them was the Fiat and the Fiat Noir. They both were in little displays at the cash registers. Seeing as they were from Majani chocolate company from Bologna, Italy, I figured they would be a small indulgence and were worth a try. Especially since they said “Gianduja” on them. Yum, yum!

Each Fiat is a little cube about 1/2 inch tall and 3/4 inch wide. The white/red paper wrappers conceal the edges to a foil wrapper that protects the gianduja. It’s simple and attractive to look at. You can faintly smell their rich sweetness through the package.

Once out of the wrappers each cube is beautiful to look at. You can see different layers of chocolate and lighter gianduja in the cubes, so they look very decorative.

The Fiat Noir has two chocolate sides sandwiching a center of gianduja, so it looks like a colorful two tone cube. The flavor is intensely rich of chocolate and gianduja. The hazelnut notes are impeccable with sweet nutty flavors and a nice roasted taste. The chocolate is smooth and creamy but not too sweet. The overall effect is a less sweet, but strong and fancier Nutella.

Fiat milk chocolate has a much lighter color scheme. This one has light creamy beige and milk chocolate stripes. The flavor is more hazelnut and very sweet. You don’t taste much chocolate flavor here, just intense nutty flavors and sweetness. It reminds me of a hazelnut peanut butter in a way. Really tasty.

These were both incredible. They were flavorful, delicious, rich and satisfying. The cube was just the right portion size too. They went fantastically with a cup of coffee. My boyfriend and I shared them for as long as I small stash remained. We will definitely be stopping to get more next time we’re close to that store again.

Rating: Hoard



Links Majani Website (Italian)


See's Double Caramel Box

I just happened to find myself in the mall the other day, and whenever I’m there I make sure to pop by the See’s Candies store to see if they have anything new and delicious. I was in luck, as I saw this limited edition of “Double Caramel” truffles right on the shelf. New See’s candy, yay!

So what is “Double Caramel” exactly? According to the box it’s a brown sugar caramel layered with a chocolate butter caramel. This is all surrounded by a coating of their milk chocolate to boot, so you can bet I was salivating while I was reading this description in the store.

Once I had these prettied home and photographed, I was finally ready to open the box. They are sizable bonbons, and I mean sizable. There’s six of them to the box, which is 5 ounces. To give you an idea, they’re size of golf balls. Awesome, right?


See's Double Caramel

The smell sweet and chocolatey.

They are very dense to bite into. The chocolate is thick, but soft, and the caramel is extremely smooth and dense. The caramel is extremely soft and you get all the buttery, creamy, sweetness that you expect from a good caramel. Mixed with the luscious milk chocolate exterior, it’s heaven. You can’t really taste the difference between the two different caramels. You get the flavors all mixed so you taste the best flavors of each part.

What can I say? These are simply wonderful. Since they’re so big, you only really need one at a time. They go fantastically with a cup of coffee. I saw these in both stores and online, so you should try some if they’re still available!

Also check out Cybele’s review of the over at

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links See’s Website


Hershey's Drops Milk Chocolate

I had heard about these new “Drops” that Hershey’s was coming out with. Hershey’s seems to really like experimenting with methods on how to make their chocolate more accessible. From their line of minis, to the little bags of Kisses I saw in the checkout line in the grocery store. The front of this package reads: “No candy shell - No mess” which makes me suspect they’re trying to compete with M&Ms. What happened to the whole “melts in your mouth, not in your hands”? Maybe they abandoned that marketing tagline a long time ago and expect no one to remember it.

As with most Hershey products, first thing I do it look at the ingredient list on the back. Hershey’s has been cutting a lot of corners recently with their chocolate products, so I wanted to know what I was getting into. The ingredients are almost wholesome, to my surprise. No tropical oils are to be seen, which are the wost offender. Thankfully there’s coco butter listed but so is “PGPR” , so really it’s a step ahead of mockolate. It does use confectioner’s glaze instead of a shell, so vegans beware.

The drops are wide and flat-ish, like a button or a bean. They’re in between the size of a nickel and a quarter in diameter. They are shiny and have the word “Hershey’s” printed on the top. So overall, they’re very pretty to look at. Not quite as colorful and fun as M&Ms, but way more appealing that trying to eat Kisses or the baking morsels.

The flavor is exactly of Hershey’s chocolate. Starts of very sweet, with a creamy texture to it. With the sweetness there’s chocolatey notes to it which are very mild. There’s really no milk flavor here, just sweetness. There’s also that classic throat burn when you swallow.

These were a nice step in a new direction for Hershey’s, but it’s not exciting enough for me to keep buying them. As a candy taster my preferences in chocolate have gotten more sophisticated so I don’t find myself craving Hershey’s often. Also, the bag these come in make it hard to eat a little at a time, since you want to keep working at it. Portion control Sera, portion control.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again

Links Hershey’s Drops Webpage



Brach's Peanut Butter Poppins

The last of my free samples from Brach’s is this bag of their new product; Peanut Butter Poppins. I have to admit, I judged a book by it’s cover here. The package is fresh looking, with bright colors and lots of white, but it doesn’t really read as “chocolatey” to me. Which, when offering a chocolate candy, it kinda important in my mind. I want something indulgent, and the packaging should make me feel like I’m making that choice. There is a beautiful illustration of the candy that makes me rethink this, as it does draw you into the treat you’re going to purchase. But, as with most thing, appearances can be deceiving, so the candy has yet to prove itself with my taste buds.

These Peanut Butter Poppins are described as “Creamy Peanut Butter Center Coated in 100% Milk Chocolate”. It sounds very promising, as skimping on the chocolate is always the first thing I am skeptical of when I see a new chocolate candy. But these are legit, which makes me smile as well as let go a sigh of relief. They do, however, skimp on the peanut butter part, as peanuts aren’t the first on the list. What comes first are “Palm Kernel Oil” and “Partially Defatted Peanut Flour”. It’s not the worst situation, but I still felt the need to point that out. 

Opening the package you get the wonderful aroma of peanut butter and chocolate. they’re a little larger than chickpeas. They smell sweet, salty and a little nutty.

These are amazing. Thy have a nice sheen to them. The flavor is a mix of the delicious peanut butter and the milk chocolate. These remind me of the flavor of Reese’s Pieces, but with more sweetness because of the addition of mill chocolate. Which makes them way more awesome in my book. The peanut butter is smooth and has a slight grain to it, but it’s wonderfully flavorful and salty.

My boyfriend and I easily polished off the bag. We need more. I can’t being to rave about how tasty and pop-able these are. If you can’t control yourself around peanut butter and chocolate, then I warn you to stay far away because once you taste these, you can’t stop. They’re that amazing.

Rating: Hoard



Links Brach’s Website


Despite the fact that “candy season” is now over with the departure of Easter, there’s still new and yummy stuff to be found. The new Twix coconut is an excellent example. This limited edition candy is a fresh new take on a Twix bar and has that new, spring-like vibe to it. I was sent a sample from Twix for this bar, which is lucky for me since I haven’t been able to find it out and about yet.

This Twix immediately stands out from the other varieties out now, which are regular Twix and Twix Peanut Butter (no word on if Java or the very old Cookies n Cream will ever make a return). This coconut Twix has a pretty white wrapper giving it a fresh and tropical feel. The red lettering and green palms on it are a nice color balance and give it a nice splash of color.

Opening up the package, the bars smell like a normal Twix to me. The aroma of the sweet chocolate with a hint of the buttery caramel. There’s a slight hint of starch I pick up on, which must be the cookie part. 

I break off a piece and immediately the caramel is fresh and chewy. It strings away even as I pull the broken sections further apart. I bite the caramel to disconnect the pieces and was surprised to find I got the flavor of the coconut along with the caramel. It’s a taste of coconut oil, which is fresh and flavorful. Sadly, no actual flakes of coconut in here, which would have really made my day. The texture of the Twix is awesome, as your teeth sink into the fresh caramel first then hit the crunchy cookie bottom. The coconut flavor blends nicely in, but it gets a little lost for moments in the caramel and cookie, but it’s certainly the most powerful flavor in the bar and it’s the one that lingers on your palate afterward.

This Twix bar is tasty for sure, and a must for any coconut lover. I am seeing more and more coconut flavored stuff on the market these days, which I find exciting. I look forward to when they take it to the level of Almond Joy or Mounds, by adding real coconut in there. Regardless, if you’re looking for a neat twist on an original Twix I’d recommend this as it’s flavor, tasty and fun.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Twix Website


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