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dark chocolate


See's Deep Dark Chocolate Truffle

I am sad! Today I review the last of the See’s Limited Edition flavors for the year. Hopefully it’s a trend they continue to keep up, but for now it’s the last one. Today’s offering was sent to me as a sample, and it’s Deep Dark Chocolate Truffle. The description reads: “Dark chocolate blended with semi-sweet cocoa powder and cream drenched in premium dark chocolate”. Yummy!

First off, my apologies for a lack of an original photo this entry. I am currently driving cross-country because I am moving to Los Angeles. I received these samples once all my photography equipment was packed up. So for once I’m using a photo given to me from See’s.


See's Deep Dark Truffle II

The truffles are circular in shape, and are about 3/4 of an inch tall. A nice little chocolate tower, as so to speak. The chocolate enrobing is a gorgeous deep, rich chocolate color with three chocolate stripes decorating the top. The aroma of the truffle is a very deep and rich chocolatey scent, full of nice notes of cocoa, coffee and cream.

The first bite is lovely. The chocolate shell easily gives way to a rich interior which is a truffle in the best sense. It’s both dense and creamy, with a wonderfully smooth texture that isn’t slick or greasy. The dark chocolate is beautifully chocolatey, with notes of coffee, cream, and hazelnuts. There’s no fruitiness or acidity in this flavor, which is what some people struggle with in dark chocolate. Overall it’s incredibly decadent and wonderful flavor, which is a testament to Sees since the flavor is really simple, yet it’s executed beautifully.

Out of all the flavors I tried out of this limited edition run, I think this one falls in second place as my favorite after the Black Forest Truffle. This is a flavor that really captures the idea of a truffle in my mind: something that’s incredibly chocolatey and rich to eat. I can’t wait to have one with my coffee in the morning, I’d imagine it’d be a great combination. So if you can find these, I recommend them!

CONTEST: I have another two gift certificates from See’s to give away! It’s for one pound of these chocolate, and can be used in their stores or by phone at (800-895-7337). So how do you enter? Please comment on this post by Friday the 29th at noon, PST (since I’ll be on the west coast now!) and share your favorite type of Halloween candy. I’ll choose a winner randomly from those who enter. Best of luck!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links See’s Candies Website


See's Dark Rum Raisin

My newest sample of See’s Candies’ September limited edition candy has arrived! This month’s flavor is Dark Rum Raisin, and I’m really excited to try it considering how yummy last months flavor was.

Rum raisin is a flavor I don’t get to have too terribly often. I’m not a big drinker of alcohol, so my experience with actual rum is fairly limited. There’s been a few tastes of rum raisin ice cream in my childhood, a piece of fruitcake here and there (my Dad is a fan of them), and then of course a sip from drinks offered by friends.

The candy is rectangular, with a beautiful drank rippling of chocolate on top. It smells of the sweet dark chocolate and no hint of the flavor inside.

My first bite reveals a creamy, beige colored interior studded with raisins and candied cherries. The flavor is of rum right away, with it’s warm, buttery, alcoholic taste. There’s not burn here thankfully, but the flavor is authentic as far as I can tell. The raisins and cherries are tart and fruity like I expect them to be. The chocolate serves to round out the candy with its deep, rich, slightly sweet chocolatey flavors and keeps the rum from being too intense. It’s beautifully balanced and I find myself enjoying it a lot.

If you’re a fan of rum raisin flavors I highly suggest you seek these out. It’s a great take on this flavor in a nice, compact small dose. The Black Forest Truffle from last month still holds as my favorite so far, but this piece is also a delight to indulge in, and I appreciate how I am now more familiar with this flavor.

CONTEST: I have another two gift certificates from See’s to give away! It’s for one pound of these chocolate, and can be used in their stores or by phone at (800-895-7337). So how do you enter? Please comment on this post by Friday the 24th at noon, EST and share your favorite See’s flavor if you have one. I’ll choose a winner randomly from those who enter. Best of luck!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Max Brennar Box

For my birthday my boyfriend took me out to Max Brenner’s for dinner. If you’re any sort of chocolate lover, you may have heard of him before. He’s an Australian chocolatier with the tag line “Chocolate By the Bald Man” and has opened up chocolate themed restaurants all over the world. I haven’t been able to get to one for some time, due to funds or lack of friends. So, the sweetheart that my boyfriend is, finally decided it was time that I went.

I hope to do a review on the full place sometime, but let me just state here that the food was awesome. Dinner was well portioned and extremely delicious, so much so that neither of us had the stomach space for any of his infamous chocolate desserts! So sad! However, to make up for it, we decided to take home some of his chocolate bonbons. We selected a few flavors from behind the big chocolate counters and left with some sweets to try later on.


Max Brennar Bonbons

Each of the bonbons are little squares, about an inch on each side, and about 1/2 inch tall. They have lovely designs on the tops of each so they’re easily told apart from one another.

Lemon Oil: The texture is super delicate and smooth. The ganache is terribly creamy and silky. The dark chocolate is rich with nice flavors of cherry and coffee, and the lemon oil gives it a nice citrus twist which plays on the nice acidic notes of the dark chocolate. Really lovely.

Cherry Cordial: This bonbon is really delicate and smooth. This is more smokey than the others, with the slightly bitter and fruit notes of a nice cordial. It’s not as cherry as I was expecting, but then again, this is flavored with cherry cordial, not just cherries so my expectation was skewed. Still delicious.

Wildflower Honey: The texture is more firm than the Lemon Oil one, but the ganache is still impeccably smooth. The flavor is of a milder, more milky dark chocolate with an added sweetness to it. You don’t taste the honey until the aftertaste, as the chocolate flavor washes away and you taste the flowery, earthy flavor of the honey.

Whiskey Ganache: This bonbon is firmer texture than the others. The chocolate is sweet and is immediately cut by the flavor of the whiskey. It’s got that nice alcoholic flavor without any of the burn.

Overall I was really impressed by these bonbons. They were flavorful and exciting, two things that I rarely find in a bonbon together. Now I just gotta get back to Max Brenner for more of these, and maybe some dessert this time.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Max Brenner Website


Wilbur Chocolate Company Store

A few hours from my place in central Pennsylvania is the Wilbur Chocolate Company. They make all sorts of confections, with their most famous is the Wilbur Buds. They come in two varieties, semisweet and milk, and can be purchased from their factory store in Lititz, PA or online on their website. I bought a mixed bag in their store, and took photos as soon as I got home. I was very excited to try them.

The buds are squatter, smaller Hershey’s Kisses. They have the form of a dollop of chocolate being plopped into a mold, with the cute signature chocolate curl on top. The bottom of the buds have a molded pattern to them, a swirl with “Wilbur” spelled out. I find they much more attractive than Hershey’s Kisses, and they fit better in your mouth because of their more squat, rounded shape.


Wilbur Buds: Milk and Semisweet

Milk Chocolate: The buds are a nice creamy brown color which is a nice look for milk chocolate. The flavor begins very sweetly, with notes of cream and butter. The chocolate flavor eases in to become the full flavor by the middle and end of the bud. It’s very chocolatey, but rounded out by the milky flavors. It melts smoothly and creamy on the tongue.

Much darker in color than the milk chocolate. It’s got a subtle sheen and a nice, middle brown hue to it. The flavor starts out sweet, then the flavors of caramel, cream and coffee come forward, then a bloom of chocolate flavor with it’s nutty, and strong cocoa notes. It’s not as sweet as the milk, yet it’s as creamy in texture. Wonderful chocolate flavor that isn’t too sweet or too overpowering.

Be sure to check out Cybele’s post on Wilbur Buds over at She gives a wonderful review of them!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Wilbur Chocolate Company Website


See's Black Forest Truffle

The new limited edition See’s flavor has arrived! Yay! I am super excited about this month’s free sample of the See’s Black Forest Truffle. Who doesn’t love chocolate delivered to your doorstep? I digress. I get excited about all candy, but when I heard these were headed my way it made me happy because I love sampling See’s Candies’ products.

The bonbons arrived halfway melted, by no fault of the company, simply because the heat where I am was oppressive that day. I popped them right in the fridge to cool some, which made it hard for me to wait to sample my first one. Also, because of the melting, the bonbons in the photo may not be the most attractive, but I did my best. I’m sure if you got them in store they’d look as impeccable as ever.

Once they were cool and solid enough to handle, I went in for my first taste!

The dark chocolate is rich and smooth with notes of berries and coffee.The richness of the chocolate with it’s full flavors blend into an intense fudgey sweetness that’s crowned with the fresh flavor of black cherries. The cherry flavor is very complex, as it’s tart, sweet, has a wonderful depth to it. It its a nice mix of jam and cordial. It’s lovely. The chocolate’s “red” notes allow for it to blend beautifully with the cherry flavors. The texture is soft and fudgey and incredible luxurious. This is an incredible pieces of chocolate art.

I know I enjoyed the past two Limited Edition flavors, but this one they’re really outdone themselves. I hope they bring one one back as a regular addition to the See’s lines of incredible candies.

CONTEST: I have another a gift certificate from See’s to give away! It’s for one pound of these chocolate, and can be used in their stores or by phone at (800-895-7337). So how do you enter? Please comment on this post by Friday at noon, EST and share your favorite See’s flavor if you have one. I’ll choose a winner randomly from those who enter. Best of luck!


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