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Cadbury Fudge Packet

Cadbury Fudge was a completely new discovery for me. I’d never heard of it before and I couldn’t help but wonder why, as all of Cadbury’s offerings are pretty widely known. Is it just a bar that is rare? Something unworthy of mention? Or is it the other way around and it’s so good no one wants to share it outside the UK? These and a dozen other questions whizzed through my head as I looked at their cute, bright orange and purple wrappers. 

The Fudge is really pretty self explanatory, described as “fudge covered in milk chocolate”. They’re small in size, only about four to five inches long and are round and tubular in shape.

It only smells sweet, and I dove right in as I knew this one would all be about the taste. The bite is soft, a little crumbly and a little grainy. The texture is just like fudge but a little dried. It softens up and it gets soft, chewy and sticky in the mouth. It’s very thick and satisfying.

The flavor is very, very, sweet and I get more flavors of caramel and cream and burnt sugar than actual chocolate. I’m not surprised, since the basis of fudge is cream and sugar, so it’s a accurate representation in that regard. I was particularly impressed by the caramel notes it had.

Still, Fudge is not for the faint of heart and it’s just really, really sweet. I liked it, just be forewarned.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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Russell Stover Pecan Roll Package

Russell Stover is a big name in my household. If there’s any need for a cheaper chocolate bonbon candy treat, Russell Stover is the “to go to”. I remember getting the small assorted boxes every year at Valentines Day from my parents and my sister now always had a box of the assorted creams on hand. I can’t say exactly why we always keep turning to them, if it’s because they’re delicious or affordable or both. I always have a special place in my heart for them though.

I was surprised to see one day a new Russell Stover offering on the shelf at the store that I hadn’t seen before. A rarity, for sure. The Russell Stover Pecan Roll just called to me since it looked so incredibly kitchy. It stuck out right away in it’s bright yellow wrapper, bold red lettering and very detailed photo of the candy itself on on the front. Inspecting it quickly I noted a promise of a “Vermont Fudge Center” written on the front as well, which was certainly enticing even thought I have no idea what that is.


Russell Stover Pecan Roll

The roll looks very small in package but weights in at a hefty 50g, so it’s a compact little thing. Unwrapped, it’s a very home-made looking: a small log that’s roughly been rolled in large, uneven pecan chunks. The sort of thing you’d expect to see if your mom just took some pecans to town with a ziploc bag and a rolling pin. It smells wonderful fresh of pecans: nutty, buttery, and sweet.

The first bite was lovely as the pecans are fresh with their smooth texture and rich flavor. The “Vermont fudge center” is a maple penuche fudge with a thick, grainy texture and a quick melt in the mouth with an intense brown sugar maple flavor followed with an intense sweetness. This roll is like a slice of pecan pie that’s been condensed into a little log. It’s really lovely in it’s simplicity of concept and execution and “wholesomeness” of flavor.

I hope to run into this one again so that I can introduce it to my family. I don’t know if that’ll be a good or bad thing!

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Russell Stover Website

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