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Haribo Tropifrutti Bag

Haribo is a brand of gummies that I’m always excited to try. What’s difficult is that since they’re a European company/brand/candy, we don’t get the full selection here in the US. I sometimes tease myself by looking at their German website and the vast selection of candies they offer. I want to try them all! But sadly, unless I take a trip to Germany, I will have to wait and just hope I will come across there domestically someday. I found these Haribo Tropifrutti in Cost Plus World Market, one of the few places I can find imported Haribo products. I was excited about this find since this is a variety I haven’t seen before, so something new finally! Hooray!


Haribo Tropifrutti

Texture is interesting. It’s kinda like a fruit pare inside a jelly bean, with a hard outside and a smooth jelly interior.

Red: Fruity and jammy. It reminds me of a raspberry Popsicle.

Dark Red: This one tastes more herbal and fruity, but not in any distinct way. Just “red”.

Green: Lightly watermelon flavored and that fake, juicy watermelon flavor.

White: Pineapple, bright, juicy and zesty. This flavor is spot on.

Yellow: Oddly enough, this is the most realistic banana flavor in a candy that I’ve ever tasted. It’s captured the starchy smooth feel of a banana perfectly. It’s sweet and have that sweet flavor we recognize as banana. Well done.

Orange: Yay, this one held no real surprise. It’s a mild, sweet, juicy orange flavor. Not too overdone, but not too mild.

Overall, I liked these flavors. They’re different from the typical tropical flavors you get here in the USA and I appreciate having something different. I was really impressed with the banana flavor, so that alone makes this package a winner for me. I also shared these with my boyfriend and friends, and they all liked them and were impressed with the texture. If you’re looking for something different, these are a great gummi treat to have if you’re trying to feel that thrill of flavor discovery.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Haribo Website


Hershey's Drops Cookies 'n' Creme

Along with the regular Milk Chocolate Hershey’s Drops I found, I also saw this “Cookies ‘n’ Creme” variety. This flavor makes sense since they’re based on bars that Hershey’s already has, and the Cookies ‘n’ Creme flavor is one I know many are a fan of. Again with the “No candy shell-No mess” tagline. So strange!

These are the same size as the Milk Chocolate drops. Somewhere between a quarter and a nickel. Here the name “Hershey’s” is printed on with brown letters, which stands out on the white shell. You can also easily see the cookie bits in the white chocolate. Which, I hesitate to call it white chocolate because even though cocoa butter is listed, it’s followed by palm, shea, sunflower and/or safflower oils. That’s a lot of oils in one white chocolate! Granted, since this is Hershey’s it still could be a lot worse.

The flavor starts out very sweet, and you get the notes of the white chocolate which have a strong vanilla and milky flavor. The cookies bits start to protrude as the chocolate melts away. and they have a sweet crunch to them, but no real specific cookie flavor. Just sweet. This tasted just like the bar form.

I liked this a lot more than the normal Milk Chocolate Drops. The Cookies ‘n’ Creme flavor is more unique and makes me want to go back to them. The milk chocolate variety feels too much like a sadder M&M to me.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Hershey’s Drops Cookies ‘n’ Creme Webpage



Haribo Raspberries Bag

I’ve always eyed these Haribo Raspberries in stores ever since I was a little kid. These was something so pleasing, so attractive, so beautiful about these little candies. It wasn’t until recently that I got to try them, so they always have this mysterious lure to them. Which is funny, since they’re not anything more than non pariel covered gumdrops. Still, visual appeal holds a lot of clout in confectionery, and these are really stunning.

As soon as I was home I opened the bag to see what these looked like up close. Each raspberry is about a size of a gumdrop, with the base around the size of a penny. They feel light in your hand, with a cool feeling from the bumpy outsides. They are so cute! I can totally see these growing off of a candy bush in Willy Wonka’s garden.


Haribo Raspberries

The red one are the red raspberry flavor, more floral and juicy and like a real raspberry with notes of strawberries and floral accents with a twinge of sour. The non pariel outsides are sweet, but flavorless. The texture of the non pariels are starchy, and the gummi is nicely firm, but not too hard or rubbery.

The black raspberries, or blackberries, taste more deep and sweet. There’s no light sour note here, and they’re more juicy and blueberry/black berry flavor with more ripe accents to them.

Both are very yummy and the flavor texture is really neat and different, not to mention they look so cool.

Aside from how fun and tasty these are, I can see lots of fun applications for these. I want to use them as cupcake/cake decorations, but sadly I don’t bake such items too often. Regardless, they’re worth a try!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Haribo Website


Haribo Brixx Package

Haribo (rhymes with Caribou) is a German confectionery company that is the largest gummi and jelly candy manufacturer in the world. How’s that for an impressive opening statement? They are most well known for their Gummi Bears, which they invented, along with many other classic favorites. Like many candies I feature here, I’ve only gotten familiar with them in recent years and am working my way though all their delicious confections.

Haribo Brixx caught my eye immediately because of the beautiful red package, along with how unique the candy itself is. The Brixx look like little thick rectangles, similar to licorice chunks in a way. They have a “cut” side exposed with six holes filled with a white cream and the whole thing is dusted with some sort of sugar. I’ve read different descriptions online saying it’s either sour or fizzy, and I didn’t know which to believe or expect. To keep things interesting, the Brixx also come in three colors: yellow, red and green.


Haribo Brixx

After my first few pieces, I’m immediately struck by how odd the texture of these are. I expected it to be gummi like, but instead it’s more chewy like licorice. It feels grainy, thick and substantial with a good chew.

Green: The flavor is very sour from the sugar coating (ah ha!) and the flavor is akin to green apple: very bright, floral and juicy. The cream here doesn’t really add anything.

Red: It’s hard to lay my finger on this flavor, but my best guess is strawberry. It’s sweet with fruity notes that learn on the berry side. It’s the least tart of the bunch, but the sour kick does work with it, even though it’s an odd paring with strawberry.

Yellow: This was a surprise. It tastes like pear and this one isn’t as tart as the green apple. The pear flavoring is pleasant and works well with the sour coating. I find it quite unique. On a side note: during my tastings, I got one yellow one that tasted really…off. It’s flavor was of burnt plastic. I’m hoping that’s a fluke.

I loved the texture of these. I didn’t find that I tasted the “cream” inside, but maybe that’s where that subtle sweetness resides. The sour is so strong it’s hard to tell where it’s coming from. The sour coating as odd though, and after a few pieces my mouth began to hurt from the sourness of it. It’s a shame, cause they’re so much fun to chew and the flavors are good, I just don’t want to burn my mouth raw with these, cause pain and candy don’t mix in my mind.

Happy I tried them, but I won’t be getting them again. There’s bigger and better Haribo candy to try!

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

Haribo Website


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