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The Netherlands


Mentos Lakrita mint

Along with the Mentos DUO that I reviewed last time, I also found this Lakrita Mint flavor as well. I saw pictures of licorice and mint leaves on the side, and I realized it’s been a long time since I’ve had any black licorice. Like an itch that you need to scratch, I felt it’s been too long so I decided to try this flavor too. Into the basket it went and I looked forward to when I could taste what Mentos thought licorice was like.

I know the Dutch are really into their licorice, and as a fellow black licorice lover I really appreciate that. They get way more interesting licorice candies than we do here in the US, which is a huge understatement since black licorice is so hard to find in our country. Still, sometimes I am lucky enough to encounter black licorice that’s imported from Europe every so often. And I found this roll of Mentos Lakrita Mint on one of those lucky streaks.

The dragees are actually a bright white. I was really expecting black or dark gray. They have no aroma to them at all, which I also find puzzling. I pop one into my mouth and begin chewing and immediately taste peppermint. It’s a bright, intense, and fresh flavor that reminds me of intense toothpaste. Halfway through chewing the licorice flavor starts to come through. The peppermint gradually fades away to reveal and very intense and flavorful black licorice flavor. I get notes of molasses, anise and a little bit of herbs. The licorice flavor is actually a tad salty to boot, which I think this is a first for me, because normally I hate salty licorice. This is different, as I quite like it. A lot. It’s just a kiss of salt, enough to notice it, but it really enhances the licorice flavor and I found myself enjoying it very much.

I was expecting to not like these Mentos at all, since I’m not the biggest fan of peppermint and some black licorices don’t have the greatest flavor. These I really loved. They’re refreshing without it being too much, and the licorice flavor is very satisfying. It just goes to show that you have to try something in order to know if you really like it. I found a new favorite and something I can nab whenever I need a licorice fix. I urge you all to give that candy you’ve been eyeing a try, sometimes it’s a risk but it can be a very rewarding one! 

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

Links Mentos Website (US)


Mentos DUO

Mentos are a candy that I really don’t have very often. I can’t really say why, since I remember their commercials from my 80s childhood and they always seemed appealing. As I got older I really liked their strawberry flavor and recall it being a “special treat’ when I was able to try some when a friend bought a roll. For something that feels so special to me, I’m surprised why I don’t buy them more often. Regardless, when I see an new and unique flavor of them, of course I’m buying one to try! I saw this roll of Mentos DUO at Cost Plus World Market, and I was beyond delighted to see that they had some Mentos imported from Holland. Yes please!

The package looks almost identical to the ones sold here in the United States. The only things that hinted that it was foreign was that it had a strange flavor and the import sticker that’s on the side. The wrapper is incredible colorful and pretty, with images of strawberries and lime slices. It’s a very bright and fun red/green color combination.

The dragees are pastel pink and smell very strongly of strawberry. The chew starts off very sweet and flavorful of the strawberries you get in the aroma. It’s sweet and slightly floral with a hint of cotton candy. The chew is soft and inviting, and you easy start working away at it. The strawberry flavor persists until your start getting toward the center. That’s where the lime flavor shows up. The lime flavor isn’t terribly tart, but it does have a vibrant citrus quality to it. The flavor actually blends beautifully with the strawberry instead of clashing with it. Buy the time the lime is at it’s full flavor strength, the dragee is all but chewed up. So the lime taste gradually sweetens and fades away.

I enjoyed this flavor a lot, and I know a lot of my friends who would enjoy it too. I have to admit though, as tasty as it was, after a few pieces I was really satisfied and didn’t feel the need to have any more. I like how Mentos is packaged like that, it’s easy to take however much you want, twist the wrapper and store for later. I certainly appreciated the unique flavor and hope to try more of what the Mentos from Holland have to offer. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Mentos Website (US)


VanSlooten Flowers & Butterflies Can

Since licorice is one of my favorite varieties of candies I’m always looking to try new kinds and brands. Licorice isn’t very popular in the USA, so it’s somewhat tricky to find a good selection. That’s why import stores have become a to-go to place, since they often the only stores where I can get my fix. This tube of VanSlooten’s Flowers & Butterflies licorice was a recent find from Cost Plus World Market, which is a store that has yet to disappoint me with their licorice selection. So far my experience has taught me that Dutch and German licorice brands are my favorites, so I was very excited about finding these since they’re Dutch.

I like the packaging. It allows for you to have some licorice and save the rest for later a lot more easily than the bag styles. Especially since certain types of licorice can go stale. These licorice candies are all covered in pretty sanded sugar, so they don’t look so intense and black like some licorice can appear. The tube smells rich and herbal, which is an aroma I love and usually is a good sign for the candy.

The shapes of these licorices are pretty cute! The light colored ones are all butterflies, and all the flowers are black. I noticed two different molds for the butterflies, or it maybe have been how the one style has been squished and shaped in the can.


VanSlooten Flowers & Butterflies

Butterflies: Same as a type of licorice called “Groitten” which are licorice sugar cubes. The flavor is nice and mild and a strong flavor of molasses with a subtle edge of salt. the texture is soft and chewy and has a nice give to it.

Daisy Flower: Much chewier in texture than the others. The flavor is sweet and very mildly of licorice. Like the butterfly, it has a strong flavor of molasses, but it doesn’t have the salty kick to it. Very tasty, I’m a fan!

Sunflower: The texture here is also pretty chewy, the flavor is similar to the daisy with strong molasses notes to it and mild licorice taste.

Tulip: This one is my favorite. The texture is chewy and you immediately get a wonderful strong, sweet licorice flavor. It’s herbal, it’s sweet, and it’s just wonderful.

I really loved this collection of licorice. Each piece varies in flavor slightly so if you’re in the mood for one type you can just pick out that specific flavor. I really liked the whole selection and feel it’s a solid assortment. It was easily gone in a week. A must for any licorice lover.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again


VanSlooten Sun & Fun Fruitgums Can

Everyone has their preferences with candy, and that’s the beauty of it all. I have preferences just like everyone else, but I also enjoy trying everything because I’m a big foodie like that. One candy that’s always in my stash are gummis. Both my boyfriend and I are big fans of gummi candies, so we’re always looking for new kinds and well as keeping the classic favorites around. When I saw these VanSlooten Sun & Fun gummis, I was interested since I’ve never seen anything like these before.

The come in a convenient tube with a removable top. The package design is simple, yet eye-catching. The photos of the gummis are pretty spot on in representing the candies on the inside, so it’s not a sad surprise when you do go about opening the package. The top was a little hard to remove at first, but once I practiced it a few times I had it down. The package smells fruity and sweet, but not of any particular fruit.


VanSlooten Sun & Fun Fruitgums

Green: Hard to lay my finger on this place. It isn’t lime or watermelon, but it has juicy fruity notes and a pleasant flavor. My best guess is it’s apple.

Beige/Brown (Cola): Sweet with spicy notes to it, like a good cola should. It reminds me more of Pepsi than Coke, as the spice flavor is more predominant.

Red: Sweet and floral, and surprisingly mild. Not really sure what this one is supposed to be. I get soapy notes every so often. Whatever it is I’m not quite sold on it.

Orange: Orange, but more like an orange cola flavor. It has some strange spicy/bitter notes to it that remind me of some orange candies I taste around Halloween.

Green/Maroon: This one is sweet and tasty. Has notes of “red” and berries. I think it’s trying to be strawberry or cherry, but the taste is so nondescript that I cannot place my finger on it.

These proved to be interesting all right. The flavors seemed kinda benign and muddled, but that didn’t stop me from eating them after the tasting. I shared them with my friends, like I do all my candies, and they liked these too. One especially with smitten with their dense, chewy texture. When I really sit down and think about it, I finally touched on what these remind me of: wine gums. Regardless, if you’re a gummi fan, these are a fun variety to try!

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again



Katjes Tappsy Bag

We return to the Tappsy licorice! Like the original Tappsy that I reviewed earlier, these are licorice candy pieces that are shaped like panda faces. The difference is that these are the milk chocolate version.

In terms of the candy’s appearance itself, there really isn’t anything different from the original Tappsy except the white foam but are not colored like hot chocolate; a milky brown hue. They have the same alternating panda face variations, both of which looks a little less cool because last I checked, panda’s aren’t brown. Ok, maybe these are muddy pandas. I can live with that.


Katjes Tappsy

The flavor is of a mild black licorice, and of hot cocoa for the foam bits. The flavor combination of licorice and chocolate can be strange if not done well, but these do it excellently. It’s really good. I can elaborate more on the foam’s texture since I didn’t last week; it’s light and chewy and dissolves nicely in the mouth. Yum!

Just like the original Tappsy, I’d recommend any licorice fans to give this one a try. It’s very original, tasty, and fun!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

Links Katjes Website

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