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Air Heads Xtremes Watermelon

I can’t remember what enticed me to buy this package of Airhead Xtremes Sweetly Sour Watermelon belts. It could have been the “Xtreme” on the front, as it made my brain go “Huh, that one one candy I could say it starts with the letter X”. Yes I think things like that. Or it could have been the colors and the watermelon flavors, as watermelon is one of my favorite “sour” flavors. Which confuses me, even though watermelons aren’t sour at all. Still, this package was bought and found it’s way into my home. I admit it did stay awhile in my candy stash before I got to reviewing it. I am so happy I did though!

First a few notes on the packaging. I really love how they kept to the pink/red and green of watermelons. It makes the whole candy seem very cohesive. The plastic tray does a great job of keeping the belts laying flat and nicely stacked. I was actually surprised how many there were in here. I wish I had counted them all now, but I just recall tasting them over a period of a week and being surprised that I hadn’t finished them off sooner.

The belts are pretty! The’re striped red and green with a heavy sanding of granulated sugar on them. They’re soft and pliable and easy to bite.

The flavor does start out sweet! This is a nice change of pace as usually sour comes first. The granulated sugar “sweet” coating is, well, sweet. It doesn’t taste of watermelon. Once that melts away, then you get to the “sour” watermelon part. The flavor is indeed sour, but not overly so,  and has that fun, but artificial flavoring of watermelon. Its not like a Jolly Rancher, it’s much nicer. It’s juicy and has nice fruity and floral flavors that read as “watermelon”. Super yummy!

I enjoyed these way more than I thought I would.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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