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Almond Joy Package

Almondy Joy, and it’s sister bar Mounds, are classic candy bars to me. At the same time, I feel they’re over overlooked compared to Snickers, Milky Way and all the other more well marketed candy bars on shelves nowadays. Cybele over at has a great summary on Almond Joy’s history, which will certainly add some appreciation, as well as take away some of the mystery regarding this candy bar.

One things for sure, Almond Joy is a unique bar, which is why I feel it’s been around for so long. So what makes it special? It’s the coconut center. Most candy bars today rely on nougat or peanut butter for its filling, but not Almond Joy. It consists of a moist coconut center, topped with a fresh almond, and enrobed in milk chocolate. Now, doesn’t that sound good? Let’s taste!

The bar is gorgeous once unwrapped, and it smells sweet and very strongly of coconut. Very inviting.


Almond Joy

Taking my first bite, the coconut flavor dominates,my taste buds and the texture is very moist, flaky, dense and chewy. It strikes me as extremely fresh. The almond is nutty and crunchy with a mild nutty flavor that doesn’t compete with the coconut. The chocolate is barely noticeable, as I get sweetness from it, but not real flavor as the coconut is too powerful. The texture contrast here with the crunchy almond and the dense chewy coconut is awesome and it really the selling point of this bar for me.

So Almond Joy is not only unique, but also really delicious. A must for any coconut lover out there looking for a sweet fix.

Rating: Will Eat Again

Will Eat Again

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