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I noticed this bar by Alter Eco when I was in Whole Foods the other day. What drew my attention to this chocolate bar was that it had quinoa in it. I have never seen a chocolate bar with quinoa in it before. The novelty of it was something I couldn’t resist, so I grabbed it and deemed it my impulse buy.

The packaging is very unassuming. It’s a coral color with painting of some chocolate squares. It makes sure to list “Organically grown” and “fairly traded” up at the top. It’s good to know that more chocolate companies are taking responsibility for their products.

The bar is textured like a Nestle Crunch. You can see the textured bumps of quinoa on the back of the bar. The dark chocolate smells very rich and fruity. It has a sharp snap and a clean break. The chocolate is very smooth and creamy, with notes of cream, caramel and blossoms into a red fruit flavor of cherries. The quinoa adds a nice crunch to the chocolate bar, but not any flavor from what I can tell. It has no notes of malt or oats, it just adds a nice texture contrast to the sleek chocolate.

I really liked this chocolate and I liked the quinoa’s crunch. This is the first bar that I’ve had by Alter Eco, and I am impressed. I look forward to trying their other chocolate bars now. 
Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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