June 2016
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Gummi Anise Bears

I’ve heard about Anise Gummi Bears for some time, and it wasn’t until I was in Reading Terminal Market at one of the Amish candy counters. I saw these in a large bag, and immediately scooped them up. 

They’re a good size, much larger than any traditional gummi bears I’ve ever seen. They stand a good inch tall and 1/2 inch wide. These are some hefty black bears indeed!

The texture is awesome. They’re more like gum drops than gummi bears. They have a nice coat of granulated sugar (to keep them warm I guess, like a gummi fut coat?) and secondly, the texture is much thicker, stickier and smoother, and doesn’t have that light bounce that I associate with traditional gummi bears. I like these a lot better.

The flavor is great, it’s very intense and I get strong herbal flavors of anise and licorice on my tongue. It comes across very strong, and I feel almost taste overload on my tongue with the herbal sweetness. It’s like when you overdose your drink with stevia, it is almost too much. Still, it’s a wonderful flavor and I kept wanting more as I finished them one by one.

If I see these again I’m going to pick them up for sure. I think any fan of licorice would really enjoy these.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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