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Klene Krokantkes Package

While on a recent trip to my local gourmet food store, I was in the mood to try some new licorice. They often stock new varieties on the shelves (yet they never get in the Skoolkrijt I keep requesting of them) and was drawn to many new packages on the shelf. Trying to be good, I limited myself to three, and I have them here a a review for you today. 

Klene Krokantkes: This bag I recognized the package right away because Cybele over at reviewed them, and found them to be kinda strange. Liking a challenge, I decided to give them a go myself.

Small black:
It’s light and crunchy. I was expecting the shell to be soft. I get a big hit of salt, then there’s this overwhelming flavor of chlorine. The aftertaste is very metallic and small bursts of molasses. Ew.

Small white: This one is also crunchy, but it’s much harder and more substantial. It’s minty and really heavy on the anise and molasses flavors. The three combined makes this taste very herbal and woodsy. I feel like I’m eating medicine when I’m not supposed to be.

Large white:
Very sweet. The shell is crunchy and the rest of the insides are chewy. It’s minty, sweet and has nice licorice flavors. There’s a small dash of salt in there too, but it heightens the flavors rather than overpowers them. I liked this the best of the bunch.


Licorice Rockies

These Licorice Rockies were un-branded, but many companies make versions of this. They’re sweet black licorice tubes filled with a fruit flavored creme. The colors are white or pink. The interior texture is creamy, and feels cool and slick on my tongue.

The licorice part is a tad salty. The white flavoring is sweet and slight fruity, but I can’t lay my finger on exactly a specific one. The licorice is a nicely balanced flavor with anise and herbals notes coming through. The pink flavor taste more tropical and floral than the white. I get notes of banana and paired with the licorice it tastes very smoky.

These didn’t really do it for me. After tasting a few I quickly lost interest.


Licorice Honey Beehives

I see these Licorice Beehives around a lot. These were also in an un-labeled bag, but you can find them pretty readily. The texture is firm, but not rock hard. They’re easy to chew but it gets lumpy and starchy in the mouth as opposed to chewy and sticky. The flavor is sweet and you really taste the honey accents amongst the flavors of molasses and licorice. It’s much milder than I anticipated, but I think that works well here, as sometimes you’re just not in the mood for something very strong in flavor. These are nice, but I like more punch in my licorice candy, and these just left me craving something more powerful.

So while this experiment was a failure in the sense I didn’t find any new favorites here, I’m certainly glad that I gave them a try. Once great thing about licorice is that there’s so many varieties out there, so it’s really just tasty footwork to find the ones you like. 

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It


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