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Bali's Best Tea Candy

I was recommended these candies from a good friend of mine. She’s the sister to one of my best friends, who, I actually attribute my fascination with beautiful food photography which got me into candy blogging in the first place. Wonderful how things come full circle like that, right? She was so kind to write me a letter asking if I’d do a review of these, as they are a favorite candy of hers. The problem is the source for her Bali’s Best Tea Candy was a Cost Plus World Market, and sadly there are none of those in my neck of the woods. Fail.

Lucky for me, they both graciously sent me some in a care package. So here I am with a review for you!

Classic Iced Tea: The candy is round in shape with a semi opaque color. It really looks like hardened tea or honey with a nice brown color with golden tones to it. It really tastes like someone took an Arizona iced tea and hardened it. It’s flavored of classic English breakfast tea with a hint of sweetness and lemon. Really awesome authentic flavor.

Green Tea Latte: This version is olive green in color but also milky and opaque. The flavor is very sweet and creamy. It tastes more milky and coconutty than green tea, which I associate with strong grassy flavors. This is much sweeter and more like a milkshake than a cup of green tea. It’s still good and really tasty, but I don’t get much of the tea flavors here. But then again, it is called “latte”. I wonder why companies think we need to drown green tea in milk and sugar in order for us to enjoy it.

There’s also a citrus green tea flavor, but I didn’t get any of those. It sounds lovely though. 

I man, I am even sadder now there’s no Cost Plus World Market’s near me. I find so much good candy there, and I just added these to my “awesome” list. I’m going to have to keep my eyes peeled for these in stores near me, as they are a really delightful hard candy.

Rating: Will Buy Again

Will Buy Again

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