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Brachs Hawiian Punch Jelly Beans

Ahh, I love this time of year. It means for me that the candy aisles in all the stores are filled with all different types of jelly beans. I love jelly beans (in fact, the NY Times asked me about them last year. Shameless plug, I know). I’m always interested in trying all the different kinds, and yes, I even have a soft spot for the spice flavored ones. Let’s just say I don’t discriminate.

One of the new varieties I noticed in the past two years is the Hawaiian Punch jelly beans made by Brach’s. I love how Brach’s makes their jelly beans, the texture and flavors are always really appealing to me. I don’t know quite how to classify them, as many Easter jelly beans are Pectin, and others….well, on the other side there’s Jelly Belly. There doesn’t seem to be any in between, but there is in my book. I don’t know quite how to explain it though. Pectin beans have always been about texture for me, that’s why you bought them. Jelly Belly you bought because the flavors were so intense. Now there seems to be a good selection of beans out there that have both going on. It all depends on what you like, really.

Anyways, Brach’s flavors and textures don’t disappoint. So I was eager to see how the Hawaiian Punch flavors translated into this traditional Easter treat.

Fruit Juicy Red (red): Tastes very mild, lightly fruity and sweet. The best way to describe it is “red” without the standard medicinal flavor to it.

Green Berry Rush (green with yellow flecks): This is the most “tropical punchy” flavor of the bunch. It has a strong fruity/berry flavor, yet still tastes like standard fruit punch.

Berry Blue Typhoon (blue): Tastes like very fruity and of sweet raspberry, yet not “blue” at all as it lacks the artificiality. It’s just very floral and juicy.

Lemon Berry squeeze (pink with yellow spots): This tastes like a raspberry lemonade with a little cherry thrown in; tart with a hint of something metallic.

Mango Passion fruit Squeeze (yellow with orange spots): This one is so tropical and exotic with a big hit of mango, peach and strong floral notes.

Orange Ocean (orange with yellow flecks): Very bright and orange tasting, similar to a orange Tootsie pop with a tad of pineapple tossed in.

I liked how these definitely tastes different and unique from the many different varieties of Jelly Beans I’ve had to date. I also like how the beans are based on a drink, as opposed to pre-existing candy, so it feels more original and less like a spin off. Worth picking up if you’re craving something new.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again


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