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Cadbury Bourneville Deeply Dark Wrapper

Cadbury, like Hershey’s and Mars here in the US, jumped onto the dark chocolate bandwagon and have been producing their own line of special bars. I don’t recall how long the Bourneville line has been around, but I do remember seeing reviews of them around the blogosphere when they first hit shelves. I am immediately skeptical of these mainstream dark chocolates, as I do not feel like they are a true representation of what dark chocolate is. Usually milk is added, as is too much sugar, since these dark chocolates are meant to appeal to the mainstream tastes of the public.

The chocolate is very dark in color with smooth undertones and a subtle, blue sheen to it.

The break is very hard, clean and showing only a couple of air bubbles. The label says it’s 60% cocoa solids, although it’s not a true dark as there’s milk fat in there (to replace some of the cocoa butter I’m assuming, since de-fatted cocoa is also listed). The chocolate smells very rich with notes of red berries, raisins, coffee, and caramel.

My first bite was accompanied with a great, full “clock” sound showing a nice temper to the bar. It’s immediately rich and slippery on the tongue and I love that texture! The flavor is beautifully mild with lots of cream, caramel, subtle coffee and cocoa flavors. At the very end I get a bit of red fruits, but it’s really just a hint and no way is it acidic or tart because of it. Color me impressed Cadbury.

A very “mainstream” dark chocolate, and a delicious one at that. I’d by this over Dove or Hershey’s Special Dark any day. Can I please get this in the US?

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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