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Strawberry Crunky

Welcome all to The Candy Enthusiast‘s first Candy Photo Friday! This is something I’ve been meaning to try out for awhile now, so let me explain exactly what exactly this is. There’s many steps that go into each and every review that I do for the site here, some parts that I enjoy more than others. One of my favorite parts is taking the photos of the candy, as it really it an outlet for my creativity. It love positioning the product in my little light box, and playing with angles and then taking it for re touching in Photoshop.

Problem is, I have many photos for candies I’ve tried over the years, but no tasting notes to go with them. So rather having all those photos go to waste, I’d like to post them here to say: “Hey! I ate that! Isn’t the package pretty?” I’d intend to add any commentary that I have for the photo, so these pots won’t be devoid of writing.

So there you have it, Candy Photo Friday is here to show you that I really do eat more candy than just the reviews I post. raspberry

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