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Chirani Lemon Chewing Candy

This pretty looking package is another fun find from a Mitsuwa market visit. It was one of the few candies that actually described the candy in the name: “Lemon Chewing Candy”. Pretty straight forward, don’t you think? Especially since a lot of Japanese candy seem to name themselves after some obscure English word. Immediately this candy appealed to me for many reasons; the top two are that I love chewy things and I love lemon.

Opening the cute petite package up, the candies look like squished sugar cookies. They’re flat-ish discs that have a nice yellow color and a sanding sugar coating on them. They have cracks on the sides from pressure. My guess is some of this happened with how these candies were shipped: squished or packed too tightly.

The texture is grainy from the sugar at first, then thick and chewy. The candy gradually dissolves as you chew it, like a Skittle or Starburst. The flavor reminds me of powdered lemonade mix at first. It’s bright, tangy and tart. It has nice strong lemon flavors and a excellent sourness to it. It’s very tasty and leaves a good “tart” burn in your mouth. My only complaint is these dissolve a little too quickly for my tastes.

These are great candies for someone like me who loves the lemon yellow Starburst and could eat them all day. You have to really love lemon to enjoy these. If you are, hey, if you happen to be in an Asian mart, see if they’re in stock. You’re in for a zesty treat.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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