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Clark Bar: Wicked Mix

Clark bar, made by NECCO, is a classic/retro candy bar that has a pretty wide distribution that I feel is very overlooked. I see it in many places and it makes me happy to see such a bar still on the shelves. Many of you I am sure are not even aware of what a Clark bar is, am I right? Well, don’t feel bad, I’ll rectify that by the end of this review. It’s a pretty easy bar to spot, with it’s bright, attractive red wrapper. I stumbled across this Halloween “Wicked Mix” meant for trick or treaters in my local Wegmans and promptly snatched it up.

Clark Bar: classic red wrapper: Clark bar is like a Butterfinger, except it uses real chocolate. Butterfinger uses that nasty mockolate stuff. The bar smells chocolatey and peanut buttery. The center is very crispy and you feel it flake apart, but it’s not messy at all. The center is a nice peanut butter brown color, and crumbles nicely and cleanly. The flavor is mainly the peanut butter, but the chocolate adds a nice sweetness to it.

Clark Bar Dark: dark brown wrapper: Smells darker and more of chocolate and a hit of coconut. The center here is much harder, it didn’t crisp like the classic one did. It was more difficult to eat because of it. The chocolate is more bittersweet and adds a nice richness to the peanut butter that I liked a lot.

Clark Bar Coconut: (brown wrapper): I was very surprised to find this one is not chocolate covered at all! Instead it’s covered in flakes of toasted coconut, like a Zagnut bar. Smells coconutty and sweet. The flavor, oh, it is awesome! It’s rich in the sweet, toasty flavors of the coconut, then the nutty, salty flavors of the peanut butter. The center here is crisp like the classic, so it’s easy to eat. Love it.

This is a delightful (er, should I go Boston on everyone and call it “wicked”, ha ha) mix. It’s nice to see such a classic bar in the Halloween aisle and I’m sure any trick or treaters would love to get something unique like this in their swag. Who knows, you might even influence a new generation of Clark bar lovers.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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