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Altoids Smalls: Sugar Free Wintergreen and Cinnamon

Altoids Mints, the ones we all know as “Curiously Strong” have a line of “Smalls” mints. They keep to the same format at the regular mints, as you still get that cute tin and the promise of a powerful flavor experience. The idea is that they’re made for situations when space is an issue, which I appreciate because I’m a sucker for convenience. 

These particular Altoids Smalls are the two new Sugar Free varieties, which come in both Wintergreen and Cinnamon. Lucky for me, these are my two favorite “breath freshener” flavors. Peppermint and Spearmint tent to be too strong and herbal for my tastes. Each tin hold 50 mints, so they should last me a long time. Especially since I use mints more to make my mouth taste better than to eat them because I enjoy the flavor. Some may argue that doesn’t make them candy, but like gum, I feel they’re a food item that crosses into many genres. 

Wintergreen: Opening the tin I see it full of little blue square tablets, each have a capital letter A on them. The mints have no aroma to them, which I find surprising since I’m used to Altoids being very pungent. The flavor is very fresh and full of wintergreen. It does freshen my breath and feels nice in my mouth. it ‘s a very cooling feeling, and I do get that nice minty burn. The tablet isn’t too hard, I can easily crush it in my teeth if I feel like it. Which I often do.

Cinnamon: These tablets are the same format as the wintergreen, expect these are pink and smell very strong and spicy. These immediately have that strong, fiery burn of hot cinnamon, but it has a sweetness to it which makes it a little more bearable than say, red hots. It gives a nice warm feeling on my tongue, and thankfully never gets too intense for me. They’re tasty and also leave my mouth feeling fresh. The texture is the same, and you get a very strong burn when you chew them.

I liked these a lot. They deliver that fun Altoids flavor while not becoming overpowering like I sometimes find the regular mints. The small tin is cute and convenient and are easily stashed in my purse. I plan to keep these on hand as I find popping a few of these more suited to my liking than chewing a piece of gum when I need nice breath in a pinch.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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