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Baccus Box

This is another find courtesy of my sister’s study abroad in Japan. I begged her to bring me back some sweets, and at Christmas I was rewarded for my patience. This box of chocolates was amongst them. I didn’t understand why, really. Neither of us are fans of alcohol, so why bring home alcoholic chocolate? I later found out because it’s shares it’s name with a Type O Negative song, which is one of her favorite bands. If only my candy selections were dictated by such unusual means.

The packaging design is so garish, I wonder how anyone would want to buy it. I can’t help but feel my eyes start to bleed when I look at it and I can’t decide which part is worse: the bright green background or the traffic cone orange lettering.

The box opens and displays a tray of individual little rectangles of chocolate. They pieces smell only of the milk chocolate coating. My first bite revealed the liquid center of the cognac. It doesn’t have much of a flavor, as it’s masked by the intensely sweet milk chocolate. It does give your mouth a nice, warm burn. It’s a pretty simply candy in this regard. And I don’t feel like I can properly critique the cognac as I’m really not into alcohols.

So there you have it. Strange acquisition, ugly box, and unimpressive flavor.

Rating: Not Worth It


Not Worth It





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