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Blueberry Acai Gummi Pandas Wrapper

I remembered tasting these at the Fancy Food Show last year and was immediately impressed. Traditional gummi bears never really caught me, as I found the flavors to be too bland. These were just the opposite, with bold flavors and interesting ingredients. I vowed to keep and eye out for them in stores, and a few months later I was rewarded for my persistence. I chose the Blueberry Acai flavor over the Green Tea one I found as well. Something about the deep color of these just appealed to me, and I knew I’d have fun photographing them.

Firstly, I think it’s cute how they refer to these as pandas and not bears. They’re adorable to look at with little nubbins for arms and legs and bulgy eyes.


Blueberry Acai Gummi Pandas

The pandas are beautiful in their simplicity. The gummi texture is just as it should be: nice balance of soft and firm so you get a chew, but nothing too hard so it isn’t a difficult task to separate a head. Yes, I do like to do that sometimes. The flavor is wonderfully bright and fruity. You taste the blueberry and it’s authentic, sweet, deep berry flavor with tart notes to it. I don’t know quite what acai tastes like, but I’m sure it’s in there.

I’ll be picking these up again when my extremely rare craving for gummi bears, er, pandas arise.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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