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Barrett Black Jack Wrapper

When I first laid eyes on this, I could hardly contain myself. Black Jack is an aniseed flavored chew bar, and until that moment I didn’t know such a thing existed. I was so excited! I love anise and the thought of it in a taffy just made my little heart skip a beat.

Unwrapping the taffy I was interested to find that it looks like a black/charcoal grey Airhead. It’s also about the same thickness, but the shape is a bit thinner and longer.

The texture is immediately extremely hard and sticky. I refrained from chewing to keep my teeth from being cemented together. Best method for consumption is to suck on it, or cut it.

The difficulty of eating this didn’t keep me from falling in love with it though. The flavor is where this candy sings. The taste is strongly of anise, with it’s licorice, spicy, woodsy, herbal flavors. It’s also, to my surprise, fruity as well. It has note of apple and pear in it. Delicious!

Another downside to this taffy I found out after eating it. It turned my tongue and mouth black. I felt like a giraffe. This was an unexpected side effect, to say the least. I didn’t realize it has happened until my boyfriend started laughing at me when I smiled at him.

Despite Black Jack’s oddities, I really, really liked it.  I wish things like this were sold in the US, but a girl can keep dreaming, right?

Rating: Hoard








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