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I’ve seen Blanxart’s chocolates around for some time now. I see it in stores that carry “fancier” chocolates, like ones by Valrhona and Michel Cluizel. Since moving to Los Angeles I haven’t gotten to locate a store yet to fulfill these chocolate needs of mine for the blog, so it was a nice surprise when I found this Blanxart bar in a gift shop.

Blanxart always stood out amongst all the other chocolate bars I’ve seen in stores because it’s simple. It has a brown paper wrapper with a medieval styled carving printed on it. Amongst all the other chocolate bars that have super saturated colors as backdrops, you can now see why this on was eye catching. I do need to admit the medieval illustration really drew me in as well, since I’m a big sucker for that sort of thing. So, as you can imagine, I kept putting off trying that back since I felt I can always go back for it. Then I moved and was unsure where to find it again. So that’s why I snatched it up this time. 

This milk chocolate bar is more tall and long, unlike others which tend to be flat and wide. The paper wrapper comes off easily to expose a nice protective foil. Inside there you find the chocolate which has a nice middle brown color with a subtle sheen. It smells lightly sweet.

The melt is nice and smooth. The flavor is more European, with more “powdered milk” creaminess to it. It’s very, very nice. The cream flavor is very pronounced and it really heightens the chocolate’ sweetness. The flavors aren’t very complex, but chocolate doesn’t need complex flavor to be really good. This bar is an excellent example of it. The quality of the cream gives it a great caramel/butterscotch flavor in the chocolate and allows the sweetness to be not too intense, but pleasant. All I can say is: yum!

Really, really awesome. If you are a milk chocolate lover, this is a bar to indulge in.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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