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Brach's Mandarin Orange Slices Bag

When I was a kid growing up in northern California, I recall going grocery shopping with my Mom at a specific, locally-owned store in town. This place stood out in my mind because the lady who owned it loved children, and she always allowed me to take one Orange Slice candy from her candy bins. This makes a huge impression on children, of course, which is why I remember it to this day. I have a fondness for this candy, which made me very excited when Farley and Sathers Candy Company asked to send me some free samples in the mail. One of the samples was a collection of some new or revamped candy by Brach’s. I’ll be reviewing the others after today, but for now, we’re going to start with my new, re-vamped favorite: Mandarin Orange Slices.

The slices are large, about an 1 inch and 1/2 long and about 1/2 tall. The “sections” are rounded and use high relief style, they protrude pretty stylistically from the center of the candy, unlike most candy molds. It has an dusting of granulated sugar on top, which seems to be more finely ground then the earlier versions of these. It smells slightly of orange.


Brach's Mandarin Orange Slices

The flavor is immediately fruity and flavorful. You get a mild taste at first of sweetness and oranges, then it grows as it sits in your mouth. The orange flavor grows more juicy and tangy, giving it a more tangerine taste to me. It’s ends with with a very zesty note, which I like a lot. The gummi has a thick and sticky shew which really makes the candy feel substantial. Thankfully it isn’t sticky enough to for it to adhere to my molars. The flavor does come across as different compared to my memory of this candy. Sure I’ve had it in recent years, but not having one for a side by side comparison I have to go by memory. The older ones I recall being more sweet, whereas the new ones incorporated some of the tartness you get with citrus fruit. A tasty decision.

It feels like they made this candy more “natural” and “grown up”, but it’s still something I would have begged for as a kid. I wasn’t a sour fan as a kid, but the tartness really appeals to me. These are lovely and something I plan on buying once I see them in stores.

Rating: Hoard



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