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Caffrel Caffarel Ghiacciolini di Morbida Gelatina

These are interesting little candies, aren’t they? I found these along side the Caffarel Gianduja bar I reviewed earlier. They were displayed in a playful stand with more colors that I took home here. Since they’re all in Italian, I could only guess some of the flavors right away. There were five available total, and I took home the three you see here and left a Banana and Cola flavor back on the shelves.

One thing I love about Caffarel, aside from the great flavors, is they have a very whimsical tone to their confections. These are no exception. they look like little popsicles made of gum drops. So the candy is really natural (from the look of the coloring) gummi with a granulated sugar coating. The colors aren’t particular vibrant, as I suspect it’s from fruit juices than artificial colors.

The first one is Fragola, which I think is strawberry. It’s a nice rose color and the aroma is very fruity and sweet, like jam. the texture is extremely smooth and soft, and the granulated sugar gives a crunch to it. it’s a nice texture contrast. the flavor is fruity and a more delicate taste. it starts out very sweet and floral with strong strawberry jam undertones. its ends fruity and clean and it’s really tasty. I’m impressed.

The next flavor is Arancia, which I believe it orange. This is a light orange/cream color and is the same makeup as the first. It doesn’t have an aroma just a lightly sweet smell. The flavor is unmistakably orange. It has a nice sour/sweet flavor with a great juiciness to it. Very lovely.

Last but not least is Limone, which is lemon. The color is a extremely pale yellow. The gummi’s texture is much softer than the other two. The flavor is lovey and tart of a fresh squeezed lemon. I simply love this, it’s so fresh and delicious.

These are a cute sweet treat. Since they’re not really big, about 2-3 bites each, I was able to try finish all three without any problem. The portion size is good for kids, but the flavors and texture are great for anyone. A nice treat if you ever find them.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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