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Zero Bars All Three

I’ve wanted to get my hand on these ever since I caught wind of their existence. If you’ve been a reader from the beginning, you’d know that my favorite candy bar is Hershey’s Zero Bar, that rare bar that’s basically a white chocolate Snickers. I couldn’t help but wonder if the Canadian Zero’s were going to be anything like that. I could find little information about them on the internet, so I was beside myself with joy when a friend of mine offered to send me some.

Once in hand, I was dazzled by the glitzy packaging. They definitely give off that “cool” vibe with their metallic wrappers.

Zero Dark: Looking at the ingredients list, I’m disappointed. Essentially, this bar is a block of mockolate. Oh joy.

It’s terribly messy to eat. It doesn’t hold it’s shape so it’s melty and therefore gets everywhere. The mockolate is cool on the tongue and it’s very, very sweet. The flavor is lightly of cocoa and hints of nuts and vanilla.

On the whole though, it’s unexciting and just lacking any satisfaction.

Zero Milk: Same off, greasy, cool feeling to it. The flavor is sweeter than the dark, with more milky notes, but no complexity. This fake milk chocolate is better than the dark one.

Zero White: Interesting. This bar actually has as a little cocoa butter in the ingredients listed after coconut and palm kernel oil. Yay? Well, at least it’s not hydrogenated…

I’m immediately surprised when I unwrapped this, since there’s milk and white “mockolate” in here. Huh, what? The bottom is milk and the top is white. I was expecting a full white bar.

Like the others, it’s greasy and cool to the touch. Surprisingly it tastes the most authentic of the three. It’s very creamy and slippery in the mouth, there’s lots of milky and tangy yogurt flavors in there. True to the white chocolate fashion, there’s also a strong sweetness to it too. It’s a very convincing mockery of the real thing.

Id’ (sadly) eat these again if there’s nothing else available. And I mean nothing.

Rating:Not Worth It


Not Worth It

  1. I think you’ll find the texture much more interesting if you refrigerate it or better yet, freeze it.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  06/22  at  01:02 AM
  2. I know the Canadian Zero is a little boring and unoriginal, but the white one is one of my favorite chocolate bar.

    Like Jeemuzu mentioned, it’s better when refrigerated, especially if you want to avoid the messiness. Usually here, the bar is sold in convenience stores in the fridges next to sandwiches and juices and not in front of the cash register like other chocolate bars.

    Finally, I think it’s important to realize that it’s a chocolate bar and not a candy bar wink

    By the way, nice blog! I found it while googling for Zero bars images.

    Posted by Jacob Guite-St-Pierre  on  08/11  at  01:30 AM
  3. Zero bars are amazing. I grew up eating these all the time. If the one you got wasn’t kept cool, then yes, it’s a soggy greasy snack. But that’s like faulting a flavor of ice cream you eat that’s been left out on a radiator.

    I didn’t know the difference when I went to the states and was disappointed when they weren’t the same thing!

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  08/28  at  04:54 AM
  4. Great blog, I too found it looking for information on the Zero Bar. Being a chocolate bottom feeder, scouring bargain bins and dollar stores across the city for deals, I recently came upon the Zero section of my Dollorama.

    Personally, I was quite impressed, and have had about five of them in the last two weeks. They are like a red Lindt ball without the slight sacchrine taste Lindt can have. My mind was blown by the satuarated fat content in these things (hence the greasiness). Definitely don’t want to make too much of a habit of them. I thought they would be as minty as a green Aero bar but not so. I’ll have a few more before moving on!

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  02/05  at  01:54 AM
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