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Chocolat Bonnat Asfarth

Bonnat was a chocolate that I heard about in my very early days of chocolate tasting. It was one of those “fancier” chocolate brands that you only see in specialty stores. I used to come across it all the time when I was living near New York City. There was a plethora of chocolate and gourmet stores that carried them. Since moving to Los Angeles I have not been so lucky with locating a shop where I can find such goods so easily. I was lucky enough to stumble across one down at the farmer’s market at 3rd Street and Fairfax, where I discovered today’s bar: Bonnat Asfarth.

This bar is described as “Chocolat au lait 65% cacao”. So it’s a milk bittersweet chocolate. Asfarth I’m guessing in the name of this bar, or the location where the got the beans from. If I read French at all I could probably tell you more. This has a pretty classic label with a yellow background color with the line artwork of a cathedral on it. The bar has a nice weight in my hands as it’s 100 grams, which is a good size for a chocolate bar.

Once unwrapped, the color of the bar is gorgeous: a beautiful light, reddish brown. There’s no bubbles or cracks in the back of the bar either. It’s beautiful and pristine. It also has a nice thickness to it, about 1/2 inch. It’s not too thin, but a nice size so it melts beautifully in your mouth.

The aroma is lovely. It’s sweet with nice notes of chocolate, caramel and cream. It has some slightly mossy notes to it soo, which adds to the sweet softness of the aroma. The snap is beautiful and crisp and the break is clean with no bubbles of signs of weakness.

The flavor is very mellow at first, with notes of hazelnut. The flavor then grows a little bitter, and adds notes of cream and raisins. I’m not getting a whole lot of “chocolate” flavor here, but it’s a very lovely bar. It’s creamy, fruity nutty and therefor has a delicate, quite, rich flavor to it. The melt and texture is lovely. It’s thick and rich with a wonderful creaminess.

It’s nice to return to Bonnat after such a long hiatus after my move. I enjoyed the chocolate, as it’s very tasty and of high quality. It’s probably good it’s a chocolate I can’t buy often since it’s expensive, but very worth it. If you want to try some more “high end” chocolate, Bonnat is a good one to start with.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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