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Christmas DOTS Box

Well, these are one of my few, truly holiday releases of any candy that I found to be new this year. I spied these Christmas DOTS on the shelf at my local CVS, and quickly snatched them up. I think it’s very gutsy of them to be labeled “Christmas” since everyone seems to say “holiday” nowadays. I appreciate it, since the DOTS are using the red/green/white color scheme of Christmas.

The package clearly says that the Christmas DOTS are cherry, lime and vanilla flavored. I like the way they look, as they’re cute and really festive. I’m such a sucker for that!


Christmas DOTS

These look like all the other DOTS, the shapes and texture are the same. The difference here is, that, like the yogurt DOTS, these have a flavored cap on them. Here’s it’s vanilla flavored.

Since they’re only two flavors, there’s not too much to say. The lime has a nice zest to it, it kinda creeps into floor cleaner territory for me, but it doesn’t stay that way for too long. It delivers that reliable “green” taste that most kinda hate. The cherry is very bright and fruity, and I don’t get too much bitterness in there. It’s more berry than anything, and it works well as a red flavor. The vanilla top on both lend an extra creaminess and the vanilla flavor is detectable and very nice.

I think these are tricky for most people, since cherry and lime are flavors that people can be fickle about very easily. If for no other reason, I’d say buy these as they’d look great on a gingerbread house.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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