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Chuao CoCo Bar

I loooovvvvveeee Chuao Chocolatier and since I missed out on the few candy/food shows this year, I didn’t get to see what their new chocolate bar was this year. Well, my patience was rewarded when I walked into Wegmans the other day and saw this bar sitting on the shelf: the Chuao CoCo bar.

What goes into new CoCo bar isn’t exactly simple. According to the description, it’s dark chocolate with coconut, almond, cinnamon and coriander. This sounded like an intriguing mix of flavors and textures to me, so I was very excited to try this once I brought it home.

Tearing into this sweet treat as soon as I could, I was able to detect the The bar smells very strangely of the coconut with a edge of spice to it. You mainly smell the coriander, but the cinnamon gives a warmth to it. The chocolate’s color is a nice rich brown with a subtle sheen.

The flavors starts off sweet with notes of the coconut and cinnamon. Then the warmer notes of the coriander and almonds mix in. Then to top it all off, the rich notes of the dark chocolate with warm fruity notes enters and blends all the flavors on your tongue. The taste of this is awesome, but the texture is odd. It’s extremely gritty, as I get the coconut strips and bits of the almonds. It’s less like eating creamy chocolate and more like chewing a granola bar. I’m not sure I like that.

As delicious as this bar is, it’s really the texture that ruined it for me. But, if you don’t mind not having a super smooth chocolate bar, the flavor of this is excellent and unique.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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