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Dancku Kanpuz Box

This is another one of the mystery candies I got from a candy trade with a friend in Bavaria. Again, I had no way of knowing or reading what the names says or means. I just have to go by the picture on the box.

The packaging on this is awesome though. The long box is well put together and had gorgeous flame-red background with golden lettering on it. Inside the box sits a plastic tray holding the six chocolates in a well protected little well.

I bit one in half to see the construction of these candies. It’s a dome of dark chocolate, then a thin crispy wafer layer. A sweet white filling sits in this dome and is topped with an almond.

All I can say is though, it makes one beautiful photograph:


Dancku Kanpuz

The texture is wonderful. You get the smoothness of the chocolate, the creaminess of the white chocolate center, the crunch of the almond, and the crisp of the wafer shell. The flavor is lacking though. I get sweetness, but it was overall pretty bland. I didn’t taste much chocolate and the center was just buttery and didn’t add much to the mix. The almonds were already fresh and flavorful, but with just one the flavor dissipated quickly.

It was a delightful piece of candy and has a interesting texture. It just didn’t wow me and didn’t make me crave more after eating a piece. Good, but not something I feel I need to have again.

Rating: Might Eat Again


Might Eat Again





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