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Halloween DOTS Mix Bag

All Halloween Ghost DOTS, you return again like a bad haunting. Oh! And look! This time you brought friends with you! I heard tales of new flavors of DOTS being released this Halloween, but didn’t see any for myself until the other day in a Superfresh in the area. Then I was lucky enough to spot them in full sized boxes in Rite Aid. Whoot! This is what adult trick or treating is, and I like it. I grabbed a bag of the mini sized version, and this year Ghost DOTS have Bat DOTS and Candy Corn DOTS to keep them company.


Halloween DOTS Mix

Ghost: “Assorted Fruit Flavors” Which flavor? Which ghost? It’s a MYSTERY!” reads the box. I’ve encountered these a few years ago for the first time, and am sort of both pleased and a little annoyed they brought them back. The DOTS are an odd seam foam green color, they look transparent but aren’t. It’s strange. They smell lightly fruity. The first one I had tasted like fruit punch. Second, more like orange. Third, like lime. I’m guessing these are just the normal DOTS flavors, just colored all the same to trick you. While tasty, they just disappointed me since the drawing of the ghostie on the front is so darned cute. I wish the DOTS had faces on them still. 

Candy Corn: These feel a tad softer than the others. This DOT is an opaque orange with a yellow bottom, like a candy corn but missing the white tip. They smell odd: a mix of plastic and Eggo waffles. The flavor is sweet and bland at first, then the fake butter flavor of candy corn appears. It’s, kinda strange. It doesn’t taste bad, more like a watered-down candy corn, but with a thicker and stickier texture. Some I tried had a funny cola flavor to it, but it was pretty random and hard to pin down as something that happened with all of them. Oddly enough, I liked them. But then again I’m a fan of candy corn, so many of you probably think I’m crazy to begin with.

Bat DOTS: blood orange flavored: The box is so appealing. There’s a cute bat with a orange wedge mouth leaking juices on it! DAWWWWW! The DOTS are dark black with a dull, opaque appearance. The flavor is awesome. It’s fruity, a little sweet and a little tart, it tastes not quite like orange at points, but has a more berry flavor to it. It reminds me of how fruits snacks tasted when I was a kid. It’s delicious, and I really like it.

I was pleased with this mix, and despite my annoyance with the Ghost DOTS, they’re still tasty and it’s a well rounded mix. A good option if you want to hand out a little something different this Halloween.

Be sure to check out Cybele’s review over at

Rating: Blood Orange and Candy Corn: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

          Ghost: Not Worth It


Not Worth It

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