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Dove Coconut Creme Eggs

Despite this being my last Easter candy review, these were actually the first candy I bought for the Easter season. I found them in the same Rite Aid as the 3 Musketeers marshmallow, but on a different lunch break trip with a different friend. That day we had gone over to check out the Valentine’s Day candy sale, so while my friends was searching for deals, I was looking for what’s new and different. At the time, the only new thing I saw were these Dove Milk Chocolate Coconut Eggs. So even thought the price was kinda steep ($4.99) I bought some anyways so I could get a jump start on my Easter reviews. And as you can see I’ve procrastinated very well.

The green color scheme of this packaging is festive, and the bag is filled with green foil wrapped half egg candies. I love how the illustration of the candy on the bag looks like a coconut in a way, with it’s brown shell and white interior, except egg shaped of course. Each egg is only a “half”, so one side is flat. You can tell they’re molded chocolates by the shape of them. They have a pungent aroma of sweet coconut and chocolate. The effect is very, very sweet.

One thing you gotta give Dove, is that their chocolate is very smooth and velvety. These eggs melt in your mouth and have the richest texture. The chocolate is creamy and sweet, and you kinda get that throat burn from them. The coconut interior is hard to make out at first texture-wise, but the flavor is unmistakable. It’s milky and tropical, with coconut notes that are more authentic than not. Still, there’s something about it that feels a little “off”, and I think that’s because there’s no coconut flakes in them. I guess the whole candy industry are “no pulp” orange juice drinkers considering how they never add flakes into their coconut candies.

These were tasty, but still lacking what I desire in coconut Easter candy. I prefer the Russell Stover Coconut Eggs, but that’s just me. If you’re a big coconut fan, you should definitely try these before they disappear.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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