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E.Wedel Chaewa Vanilla

Ah, another E. Wedel mystery halvah bar. I bought this with the Fruit ‘n Nut one I had reviewed yesterday. I obviously wouldn’t have bought another after how horrid the other proved to be. But, since I had taken this one home too, it was my duty as a candy blogger to give it the benefit of the doubt and give it a try. 

I can only guess it’s supposed to be vanilla flavored from the image on the wrapper.

Here is the jist if it: the bar smells lightly of nuts. It has the same flaky, soft texture as the Fruit ‘n Nut version, but this one is also horribly greasy. The taste is a little sweeter and less like inedible substances. Still, nothing about it strikes me as vanilla or anything pleasant.

Please, for the sake of your taste buds, leave this one in the store.

Rating: Inedible




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