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Extra Fruit Sensations Gum: Mango Smoothie and Blueberry Smoothie

Last year Extra came out with a new line of “Fruit Sensations” gum, which toted smoother, more intensely fruity, and longer lasting flavor. I reviewed a few of the kinds here on TCE, and I was pleasantly surprised with them. I’m pretty picky when it comes to gum, so it has to be really good for me to enjoy it.

Recently Extra came out with a pair of new Smoothie flavors to the Fruit Sensations line: Mango and Berry. Considering I liked the originals so much, I wanted to give them a try since I felt a needed some fresh new flavors to my infrequent gum-chewing lineup.

Mango Smoothie: In a bright orange box, with images of mangoes and a strawberries. The inside flap of the package have sayings on them, and this one says the flavor lasts longer than it “takes to think of 30 new ways to use a straw”. Part of me wants to test them on that, but I guess it depends on how smart you are?

The gum itself is light orange in color. The chew is immediately thick, chewy and smooth. The flavor is…oddly creamy. There’s a nice milkyness to it. The taste is sweet and extremely fruity: lots of peachy and mango yet it lacks the tang I associate with mangoes. I do get a hint of berries in there, hard to say if it’s strawberry like the package image suggests, but it’s very tasty and I enjoyed chewing it for as long as I could. Which was until my jaw started to hurt. The gum also has a light, perfumey aftertaste to it.

Berry Smoothie: A pretty purple package with blueberries and blackberries on it. The gum smells strongly like tart raspberries and is light mauve in color. It immediately tastes like berries. I get the sweetness of blackberries, the deep sweetness of blueberries and the fruity flavors of raspberries. It’s lovely. It’s also got that unexpected milky edge to it like the mango one, so it comes off and very creamy and smooth. Again, the flavor lasts a terribly long time and I had to quit chewing before the flavor petered out.

I liked these flavors, and I can add these to my list of gum I actually enjoy. I recommend them if you need something new to add to your gum chewing repertoire. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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