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FFS! Yay!

I was at the Fancy Food Show this past Sunday to see what’s the latest and greatest in the world of gourmet food. Even though I was there for all the chocolate and candy, you bet I was able to see and taste other things too. When I was there I met up withTina the Wandering Eater and along with TCE editor Chris, we walked the floor to bring you what’s tasty and noteworthy.


The Tea Room

The Tea Room is, I’m guessing, a new chocolate company that’s making tea infusions in chocolate bars. Each bar has a full cup of tea in it! They have a chamomile white chocolate, which is something I’ve been waiting to see for years now. I tried their whole line and their chai and mint bars were impressive too. I can’t wait to get my hands on these for an official review.

Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport is releasing their Waffle Bar here in the US. It’s awesome and I was so excited to see it and finally try it.



Taza has a new yerba mate tablet that was really quite nice. It has a nice herbal taste to it that balanced the very fruity qualities of their chocolate.


Guittard Samples

Guittard has a new line of baking chips. I can’t wait to find them and use them for cookies.


Chimes Chews

Chimes is a company I’ve only discovered in the past few months. They make ginger chews that are very lovely. I’ve been a big fan of their peanut butter ones, but this year they’ve added and orange and mango flavor to the line. They’re both stellar.

Bissinger’s has some new gummi bears. One is guava and the other grapefruit, both of which I am just smitten with. They also made a pumpkin chocolate bar, which is a marriage of my two favorite foodie things in the whole world. Eee, exciting! I also tried their Olive Oil Truffle and their Porchini Mushroom Truffle, both of which are amazing.

Chuao Chocolatier has a new panko salt bar which was really stellar.

Berkshire Bark, which is something I admit I’ve sort of neglected in stores, has a white chocolate lemon ginger bar in their line and I was very impressed with it.


Amano's Jembrana Milk Bar

Of course Amano has some new bars which are great, two new milks and a new 70%, all of which I’ll review soon. Askinosie has a new 52% Dark Milk which was great from the sample I tried.

I saw some familiar favorites too. Koeze was there with their cream nut’s, which are very nice and I’ve reviewed here before. I first found
those when I met you at DiBruno’s. I also love Figamajigs.

Figs+chocolate=love for me. Ezca was also there with a bunch of new bars, some of which were milk bars using goat’s milk. All were very tasty.

Sir Francis Bacon Brittle

I also saw a few other things like Bonnat’s oldest plantation chocolate bar, some paprika marzipan and lots of bacon in various forms from brittle to chocolate bars to mayonnaise.

I wish I had more than just Sunday to spend at the show, as there were plenty of companies on my “must visit” list that I didn’t make it to. Ah, next year, right?

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