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Godiva Orange & Cream Truffles Box

Here’s the last Godiva Ice Cream truffle flavor I bought that day I discovered them in Target. Since then I’ve noticed more flavors that have been added to the line; Pistachio and Rocky Road just to name a few. I haven’t bothered with those yet. Maybe if and when I find them on sale. For these Orange and Cream truffles though, I was particularly excited about. Why? Well, cause it’s a citrus flavor and white chocolate.

This flavor held a lot of possibilities for me since, there’s a few ways that orange & cream are represented in the ice cream world. There’s orange and vanilla ice cream, there’s orange sherbert with vanilla swirls, and there’s the ever so popular Creamsicle. I am very curious as to which flavor path these truffles take.


Godiva Orange & Cream Truffles

The shell is white chocolate with a pretty, off-white color. It has a faint aroma, that of sweet orange like a creamsicle, is barely detectable.

The inside ganache is a creamy light orange color and it’s very pretty. The flavor is awesome. It tastes just like a creamsicle! It’s has that signature somewhat fake orange flavor surrounded by notes of vanilla and sweetness. The white chocolate is very sweet and gives it a slight throat burn at the end because of it. Still, this is amazing, and I’m hooked. I’d hope to find a more permanent version of this in the Godiva collection.

Ohhh, this one is my favorite out of all the Godiva Ice Cream truffle flavors. Something about the white chocolate paired with the orange flavors is just so good to me. The flavor just transcended itself, and I have to remind myself what it was exactly I was eating. Just wonderful.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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