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Goetz Cow Tales Package

I remember getting my first Goetze’s Cow Tale back in elementary school. I was in a convenience store with my mom who was buying gas, ans there was a display of them by the register. “Have you had these yet Sera?” asked my Mom pointing to them. I honestly admitted that I hadn’t, and I was treated to one right then and there. I’ve been getting them on a semi-regular basis ever since. Some candies just stick with you, you know?

The Cow Tales are just a different form of the infamous Goetze’s caramel creams. You recall what I’m referring to, the ones that come in a tray package in thick round pieces. Cow Tails are the same thing, except they come in a long thing tube instead. I preferred the shape of the Cow Tails to the original, as I love eating away at one side and lick out the inside. I technique I perfected early on, as I had to amuse myself on those long gas station stops somehow.


Goetz Cow Tales

The Cow Tail is terribly soft and pliable. It’s fun to twist it into shapes and you could easily tie it into a knot. It has a light dusting of flour/confectioner’s sugar on the outside to keep it from getting too sticky in your hands. I appreciate how they thought to do that.

It smells very sweet and of vanilla, and it also has a nice “starchy” smell to it that’s hard to place exactly. The chew is substantial, yet soft. The caramel outside is mildly sweet, and this isn’t “normal” caramel by any means. It has hints of caramel and butter and the closest thing I can compare it to is soft sugar cookie dough after it’s been hardening in the fridge. The vanilla creme center balances out the mild caramel outside beautifully, providing a intense flavor hit of vanilla and sweetness with a creamy, almost cool feeling texture.

Together (or apart, depending on how you like you eat them) they makes a wonderful marriage of flavors that I happily keep returning to again and again.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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