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GoNaturally Packages

I’ve noticed the GoNaturally candies (made by Hillside Candy) for some time now, and it seems I always see them in the oddest places, like at dollar stores or at my local Asian market. I see them, cock my head in confusion, and pick one up since the packing is so nicely designed. the problem is, I haven’t bought them to try as of yet because when I’m at these stores they usually seem to mainstream for me to talk myself into trying them. “Someday” I keep telling myself. Well, that someday is now.

I’ve seen the reviews of them from my fellow candy bloggers, and it wasn’t until I talked to the Hillside Candy folks at the Fancy Food Show, a really enthusiastic and friendly bunch, and I took a few tastes while I was there. Utterly delighted with what my taste buds were telling me, I knew i should give them a review. some things are just that nice.

What I think is one of the main appeals of this candy, besides its organic status, is that it uses no artificial flavors and colors, gluten and preservative free and kosher. It also doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it either. So anyone who prefers to support this type of foods, or has allergies to such things, then look no further. 


GoNaturally Wrappers

Apple: I was really looking forward to this one as most apple flavored hard candies taste like a Jolly Rancher: something more from a lab than a tree. This is a nice departure from that, it’s has a taste similar to apple sauce, and has some very sweet floral notes of pear in there too. It’s very light and refreshing and I enjoyed it.

Ginger: Wow. This one is great for ginger loves. It punches you in the mouth right away with that wonderful, woodsy, herbal burn that ginger is known for. I’m so keeping these on hand in my car for those boughts of car-sickness that we’re all prone to.

Honey Lemon:Flavor is lovely. It tastes like an lemon herbal tea sweetened with honey. It just so happens this is one of my favorite relaxing hot drinks to have after dinner, so I’m immediately smitten with this. The lemon flavor is really authentic, light and sweet with a good sour zest to it. The honey mellows it out and it is a lovely combination.

Cherry: Oh, this is nice. It’s immediately like having a fresh black cherry juice. This tastes so real, it’s amazing. It has wonderful woodsy notes with hints of strawberries and grapes.

Pomegranate: This one starts of with a flavor that’s immediately tart and very juicy. I admit I can’t peg exactly what makes a pomegranate taste like a pomegranate, but this captures it nicely. I taste berries, cranberries and grapes in the flavor and it’s delightful in its complexity.

Honey: Simple is best, and this is an excellent example of it. It is delicate and sweet and carried the notes of floral honey so beautifully. I loved this one the most, and I can’t help but wonder how it’ll taste dissolved in a cup of tea. I’ll have to try that.

Overall, these are a really great candy if you’re into the the whole organic trend, or if you really like high quality and wonderful tasting sweets. they’re worth a try, as they’ll do your taste buds and the world a bunch of good.

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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