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Haribo Raspberries Bag

I’ve always eyed these Haribo Raspberries in stores ever since I was a little kid. These was something so pleasing, so attractive, so beautiful about these little candies. It wasn’t until recently that I got to try them, so they always have this mysterious lure to them. Which is funny, since they’re not anything more than non pariel covered gumdrops. Still, visual appeal holds a lot of clout in confectionery, and these are really stunning.

As soon as I was home I opened the bag to see what these looked like up close. Each raspberry is about a size of a gumdrop, with the base around the size of a penny. They feel light in your hand, with a cool feeling from the bumpy outsides. They are so cute! I can totally see these growing off of a candy bush in Willy Wonka’s garden.


Haribo Raspberries

The red one are the red raspberry flavor, more floral and juicy and like a real raspberry with notes of strawberries and floral accents with a twinge of sour. The non pariel outsides are sweet, but flavorless. The texture of the non pariels are starchy, and the gummi is nicely firm, but not too hard or rubbery.

The black raspberries, or blackberries, taste more deep and sweet. There’s no light sour note here, and they’re more juicy and blueberry/black berry flavor with more ripe accents to them.

Both are very yummy and the flavor texture is really neat and different, not to mention they look so cool.

Aside from how fun and tasty these are, I can see lots of fun applications for these. I want to use them as cupcake/cake decorations, but sadly I don’t bake such items too often. Regardless, they’re worth a try!

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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  1. I bought these for the Sugar Baby’s birthday party candy buffet. They were a huge hit. Sadly, the store I got them at has since closed, so I’ll have to find a new dealer.

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