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Harry & David Black Licorice Stix Package

I was surprised to see these delightful tubes of licorice on Cybele’s Flickr photostream a few months ago. Mainly because I have very specific ideas in my heard about what sort of candy you find at a Harry & David store. Her photos of their Black Licorice Stix proved me to be quite mistaken in my line of thinking.

When I think of Harry & David stores, specifically in regard to candy, images of pretzels covered in sub-par chocolate and round balls of colored mockolate with dried fruit interiors come to mind. Things that are far better to look at than to eat. I was excited by the idea of being able to try some new kinds of licorice from them, so I bought some when I had the opportunity.


Harry & David Black Licorice Stix

These are tubes of black licorice with a creme filling to give the most succinct description possible. The sticks are thin, maybe a 1/4 inch diameter across and are soft and pliable in hand. I can easily tie them into knots and other shapes, and the possibilities would be endless if they were longer. 

The filling is very sweet and has a great vanilla flavor to it. It tastes like a good frosting, and feels like one too once it hits your tongue: smooth and a little grainy. The licorice is nice and balanced in flavor; not too strong and not too mild. It carries strong notes of licorice and molasses and lends itself well with the strong sweetness of the creme center.

It’s so easy to eat these. I find myself not paying attention and then noticing that I’ve devoured a good third of the bag without realizing it. Yeah, they’re that good. The only thing keeping me from buying more is not having a Harry & David store nearby. Maybe that’s a good thing, though. 

Rating: Will Eat Again


Will Eat Again

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  1. They are addicting. Odd that they don’t sell them online. I haven’t tried the black ones.

    Posted by Deney  on  10/18  at  03:04 PM
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