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Hershey Kisses Mint Truffle Bag

The Mint Truffle Kisses have been a holiday release for a few years now, but I have neglected to try them before this. There’s a few reasons for this: first, I really loved the Candy Cane Kisses that they originally released, but since in recent year they haven’t been made with real chocolate I haven’t been buying them. The second reason is that I felt the peppermint ones were good, so I was wary of how the Mint ones tastes as mint and chocolate can really be a so-so thing for me. My doubts aside, I felt it was time to finally give them a go.

The box is this minty, sea-foam green color displaying the Kisses in a row. Inside, the Kisses come in a dark green wrapper with silver snowflakes on them. They’re very festive and cute. They smell intensely of sweet mint, and it’s a nice aroma. I’m excited to try them.


Hersheys Kisses Mint Truffle

The center of the Kiss is a bright green creme. It’s so pretty!

First off, these Kisses are not milk chocolate like most varieties. They’re dark chocolate again, and I feel this is a really good choice to pair with this minty interior. The flavor tarts off with a mild sweet, minty flavor that gradually grows more intense as the Kiss melts in your mouth. About halfway in you get the rich sweetness of the chocolate and the two make a very wonderful flavor combination. It’s like an Andes Mint on steroids. The chocolate flavor quickly dissipates once the Kiss is swallowed, but the mint taste lingers and leaves a wonderful warm feeling in your mouth. This is nice!

So color me surprised! I really, really liked these! They will replace the Candy Cane Kisses for my holiday candy fix, and the minty flavor is totally spot on. I really recommend these if you’re a mint/peppermint fan.

Rating: Will Buy Again


Will Buy Again

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